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Guangdong Kenwei won the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" again

Guangdong Kenwei won the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" again


   2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, and Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd. has also embarked on a new journey. In March 2020, with its professional R & D team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation ability, and scientific enterprise management, Guangdong Kenwei was once again recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. "High-tech Enterprise" certification issued jointly by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation Guangdong Taxation Bureau. This is why Guangdong Kenwei has obtained this certification for several consecutive times.  

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         According to the relevant provisions of the National "High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Measures" and "High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Guidelines", the high-tech enterprise certification is a company's core independent intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements transformation capabilities, research and development organization and management level, growth The comprehensive evaluation and identification of sexual indicators and talent structure need to be screened layer by layer, and the review is quite strict. Since its establishment, Guangdong Kenwei has been paying attention to technological innovation, attaching great importance to technology research and development, patent declaration, and intellectual property protection. The investment in research and development has increased year by year, and a number of patents and various independent intellectual property rights have successfully reached dozens. Our company has obtained the "High-tech Enterprise" certification for many times in a row, which reflects the company's strong support and recognition of the country in innovation and R & D. At the same time, it has actively promoted the company's independent innovation and independent research and development process. It will also further promote the company's independent innovation and independent research and development process, but also another milestone in the company's development history.    

        As a high-tech enterprise, our company will pay more attention to technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, rely on high and new technology, standardize operations, work hard in the field of food packaging machinery, strengthen R & D and continuous innovation, so as to further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise market and continue to develop more domestic and foreign markets!    

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