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report: controversial chemicals found in macaroni and cheese products

by:Kenwei      2019-09-13
Head up, fans of macaroni and cheese-
Parents of these fans: you may think about how much macaroni and cheese you and your family have eaten.
A new advocacy organization
The supported report found that there are still controversial chemicals in nearly 30 cheese products, including 9 from Kraft.
These chemicals-
O-benzene ester found in plastics, adhesives, sealant, etc--
According to the New York Times, the birth defects of baby boys are related to them, not to mention the learning and behavior problems of older children.
There is also evidence that phthalate prevents testosterone production.
They are not intentionally added to the food, but are exposed to the food through food processing equipment, printed labels or plastic materials in the food packaging during the manufacturing process.
Take a look at the mixture of mac and cheese powder to find the highest concentration of neighboring benzene.
Kraft has yet to respond to the New York Times request for comment on the report.
\"The concentration of neighboring benzene in the powder from the mixture of mac and cheese is more than four times higher than that of block cheese and other natural cheese, such as chopped cheese, string cheese and cottage cheese, \"Mike\'s executive director of the Center for Environmental Health Strategy told the New York Times.
The organization is one of the organizations that funded the report.
Of the 30 cheese products studied-
Including processed cheese slices and other pieces and natural cheese-
These tissues analyzed 10 different varieties of mac and cheese, all of which contained a high level of neighboring benzene acid. -
Even organic.
Prior to the release of this report, there were more studies linking phthal salts to adverse health risks.
An Australian study of 1,500 men found that these daily chemicals were associated with chronic diseases.
Chemicals lurk in 99.
They have 6% urine samples.
\"While we still don\'t understand the exact cause of phthalate\'s independence from disease, we do know the effect of chemicals on the human endocrine system, it controls hormone release that regulates the growth, metabolism, and sexual development and function of the body, \"said Zumin Shi, a research author at Adelaide Medical School at the University of Adelaide, in a statement.
The Food and Drug Administration has not banned the consumption of neighboring benzene Ester yet, but the New York Times noted that a consumer product safety committee report in 2014 wanted federal agencies to \"consider risks\" to support risk management steps.
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