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just how much security do those x-ray machines provide? not much - olympics official

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
On Thursday, the Vancouver organizing committee signed an agreement with the Garrett metal detector to provide walking services
Through and hand-
Magnetic Test was held for 2010 Olympic Games.
See my online story, garlitt. known and long-
Provide metal inspection products for 11 Olympic Games.
In fact, since 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1994, this has been the case for every game except llehammer.
But anyone who has been to the Olympics has had-called mag-and-
Protect the bag making machine in front of the venue. (
Think about 10 airport security checks. )
These machines provide a sense of security for organizers and visitors-can you imagine what comments people would make if they were subjected to manual attacks?
Is it convenient to search rather than machine?
Well, that\'s what Cesare Vaciago, the CEO of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics suggested should be used, not what he said was invalid mag-and-bag system.
Two years ago, he said at a debriefing here
The machine wasted his money and consumed too much manpower.
They slowed down the line and did not stop
Metal weapons.
When he suggested why the magnetic meter was ineffective in stopping the real terror plot, he used the word \"B.
Some delegates scoffed at his comments, while Vanoc CEO John Furlong saw him as a joke.
He also predicted that no one would listen to him because the production Chamber of Commerce for these products lobbied the organizing committee.
The story was taken by us, but disappeared from the Internet.
I don\'t know if Vanoc and the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit, supervised by the RCMP, have considered his proposal and explored other options. I’m asking.
But it is worth noting that vasiago\'s outspoken words did not damage his reputation at the Olympics: he was a member of the IOC Coordination Committee for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.
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