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It’ time to customized Kenwei multihead weigher when the spring and flower is coming

It’ time to customized Kenwei multihead weigher when the spring and flower is coming


  The year is spring, spring is a new beginning, and it is the season of blossoming. At the same time, the production and sales seasons of all walks of life have also started. As an international production and large-scale multi-head combination scale production enterprise, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with professional, cost-effective automatic quantitative weighing packaging equipment to help customers prepare for production. sale season. Kenwei Intelligent develops and applies the technology by focusing on the combination of scales technology to achieve more stable operation and more accurate weighing. It can solve the customer's individualized needs while maximizing the operation cost for the customers, thus bringing more customers. The economic benefits have become the best choice for a variety of industries to choose a combination scale and other weighing products.   

With the rapid development of science and technology, quantitative weighing technology has also been able to break through innovation, and multi-head computer combination scale products have also become a star product in the weighing packaging machinery industry. The multi-head combination scale of Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd., has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad for many years. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Why do so many industry customers choose Kenwei Intelligence, why is Kenwei Intelligent Machine Product so accurate? The following writers will explain the unique technical charm and product advantages of Kenwei Intelligent for everyone!   

First, stable precision, craftsmanship   

The product is good or bad, the consumer has a scale in mind, and the necessary condition for consumers to recognize and willing to consume is the quality of the product, and quality is also an eternal topic of enterprise development. Kenwei Intelligent adheres to the "professional, dedicated" manufacturing philosophy, adheres to the "quality-oriented, integrity management, quality win" business philosophy, with a spirit of ingenuity, using a "stable time development model" to create more stable and more accurate High-speed weighing packaging equipment.   

So, what are the advantages of the "stable time development model"?   

1.Display accuracy is better and more concentrated: the average error between display value and set value is smaller, which helps customers save materials; display accuracy is better from “stable time mode” and precise selection of combination points, above high quality sensor Three good matches; high quality sensors are fundamental to good display accuracy to good actual accuracy.   

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2. the structural parts have a relatively long life, open and close at the same stable time, the hopper opening and closing maintains consistency, the loss of friction between the whole mechanical structural parts becomes smaller, and the operation is realized for a longer time.   

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With the world's leading "stable time development model", in the precise selection of combination points, it is early recognition and getting the position. After the high-end products match the well-known sensors in Germany or Japan, the display and actual precision are well-known in the industry. Many customers at home and abroad agree with Kenwei's outstanding performance in display-actual precision.   

Second, product customization, quality service   

In the face of the globalization of market competition, Jingwei Smart does not pursue fixed product manufacturing and sales, and pursues full investment to obtain greater benefits. Not only in the quality of products, but also in the service, we strive to improve the system, take the customer as the core, dare to be the first, and extend the warranty period of the homemade machine to two years, committed to customer satisfaction and success.   

Why does Kenwei Intelligent extend the warranty period of the homemade machine to two years?   

  1. Combination scale is a relatively complicated machine, which may cause component failure due to multi-party influence.   

  2. Reduce service costs for customers and reduce customer concerns about purchasing spare machines.   

  3. 2 years warranty, can reduce the end user's maintenance costs, improve the level of trust of the end customer in use.   

In terms of the service system, what are the relevant measures for Kenwei Service?   

  1. The service department builds the test group, technical group, and on-site service group organization structure to provide customers with specific material debugging rules and test conclusions; trains the operation skills and online points for customers, dynamically summarizes and provides installation and commissioning manuals and maintenance manuals.   

  2. Establish a rapid control mechanism for services, and achieve 98% of service problems on the same day, and send out regular accessories within 3 days;   

  3. Establish detailed file of each product body number, its part number, image, etc., and improve the ability of quick service. The technical department's modular design of the product unit makes troubleshooting and component replacement easier.   

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More than 10 years of professional focus, more than 10 years of careful polishing, the current Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd., Ltd. has a multi-head combination weigher, multi-head linear scale, weight sorting scale, metal and foreign object detection machine, robot automatic sorting pallets, etc. The complete industrial chain, products are widely used in food, medicine, chemical, hardware, daily use and other fields. In the industry, it has won many honors and became the first batch of “high-tech enterprise” certified enterprises. It has established long-term strategic partnership with customers in more than 100 countries and regions. In the future, Kenwei Intelligent will be based on quality and pursue innovation. We will create a stable, accurate and high-speed product with intelligence and automation, and move towards a broader world stage!      

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