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jfk airport evacuated after metal detector found to be unplugged

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
An example of the US airport security process.
But by unplugging the metal detector, all this can be undone.
Image: AFPSource: the AFPA terminal at JFK Airport in New York had to be evacuated, and hundreds of passengers returned through security checks, all because a security officer did not realize that his metal detector had been unplugged.
The error caused a delay of several hours, the two planes recalled from the runway, and the angry passengers felt infinitely frustrated.
\"The fact is that this is the failure of the most basic level of diligence,\" a law --
Law enforcement officials said.
\"If the public doesn\'t even know if the lights are on, how can you expect them to have confidence in the mission of the transport safety agency?
\"The chaos in Terminal 7 was caused by screaming Alya Abdul Majid, whose lane number was manned
During the morning shift, the source said, he did not know that his metal detector had no juice.
Surprisingly, the source said, he did not realize that the warning lights never flashed once when passengers passed the death detector.
The source said Majid was very ignorant and he could not even tell the police how long the machine was shut down or how it happened.
\"This is just a machine that unplugs --
\"TSA did its best,\" another source said . \". Higher-
Ups of the US Transportation Safety Administration finally found the security ship at 9: 00. 44am -
Leaving the port authority with no choice but to demand a complete withdrawal from the international terminals of British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, United Airlines and others.
Extraordinary measures mean two jumbo jets.
Including San Francisco-
Joint flights-
I had to go back to the gate so the passengers could re-
Shown on the actually opened metal detector.
TSA will not confirm or deny that its probe has been unplugged and only issued a statement saying that a \"fault\" occurred with the metal detector \".
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