how a single, simple guideline could help you lose weight

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
For some super-
Motivated people, counting calories, calculating the proportion of a large amount of nutrients, or weighing food, can help them lose weight.
But for others, it can be difficult to play too long on cups, weighing scales, and calculators.
If you belong to the latter category, the researchers say there is only one thing to remember: Eat more fiber.
Compared to the American Heart Association\'s dietary advice, these include several common
Suggestions such as \"choose and prepare food with little or no salt\" and \"drink and food with less added sugar, \"The simple advice of eating 30 grams of fiber a day leads to almost as much weight loss in the year as the AHA guidelines.
The study was published on Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
Lead researcher Dr. Explains that this finding may be a boon to those who need to lose weight for medical reasons but feel overwhelmed and cannot completely change their lifestyle at a timeYunsheng Ma, M. D. , Ph. D. in the study.
Food with high fiber content (
Undigestible dietary fiber found in plantsbased foods)
Help you feel full for a long time.
Ma also proposed that,
The fiber diet increases the demand for chewing, which in turn reduces hunger.
Ma wrote that encouraging people to eat more fiber is also a shorthand way to point to the healthiest food for us.
In an email to Huffington Post for a healthy life, Ma wrote: \"The simple information we add fiber includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also whole wheat, beans and nuts, \"These foods are also often lower-
Fiber foods such as meat and dairy products. A medium-
There are about four apples.
4 grams of fiber and a dark green leafy vegetable like Swiss beets also have about 4 grams.
According to the Mayo Clinic, the Institute of Medicine recommends that women eat about 25 grams of fiber per day, while men should eat 38 grams, but Americans eat only 15 grams per day on average. For the year-
In a long-term study, Ma recruited 240 overweight people who had at least one symptom of metabolic syndrome, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or elevated blood sugar.
Participants were then randomly assigned to follow the high
Fiber Diet or Ma guidelines, which Ma calls \"restrictive\" because it focuses primarily on what people should limit in order to lose weight.
For example, the AHA guidelines include reducing calories, salt, sugar and saturated fat, as well as other suggestions.
On the other hand, the fiber diet focuses on the single addition in the diet: the goal of 30 grams of fiber, which can be found in a range of foods.
After 12 months, those who followed the AHA guidelines lost about 6 pounds on average, while those who were at high levels
Average loss of fiber diet 4. 6 pounds.
Although the AHA group lost more weight, Ma said his results supported the view that a simple, more \"tolerant\" diet, emphasizing what food you can eat relative to a complex diet, it sets rules in terms of restrictions (
Like the AHA Guide)
, May be easier to follow and will still produce decent results.
Blood pressure levels and insulin resistance decreased in both groups.
However, Ma noted that during the course of the experiment, two participants had diabetes, one in the AHA group and one in the high school.
Fiber Group, it\'s not surprising considering Ma\'s recruitment criteria
Risk population: Overweight adults with metabolic syndrome without diabetes.
Obesity affects more than one
The third among American adults, related to one of every five deaths in the United StatesS.
In addition to socio-economic factors that prevent people from getting healthy food, there are also signs that people find it too difficult to eat healthy, or that they have a distorted view of the meaning of \"health.
In 2012, a nationally representative survey commissioned by the foundation of the International Food Information Commission found that more people thought it was easier to pay taxes than to figure out how to eat healthier.
The same survey also found that 76% of respondents believe
Changing nutrition guidance makes it difficult for us to believe anything.
\"The exact amount of information provided in dietary interventions remains an elusive issue,\" Ma wrote at the end of the study.
\"The challenge is to determine the ideal amount of information to change behavior without affecting participants.
\"Maybe fiber is a good first step.
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