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Trials and hardships,Guangdong Kenwei embarked on a new journey

Trials and hardships,Guangdong Kenwei embarked on a new journey


     With the rapid development of modern industry, the packaging industry has higher requirements in terms of packaging accuracy, packaging speed, packaging range, etc. Traditional quantitative automatic packaging weighers have been difficult to meet these requirements, and computer combination weighers are here. Under the circumstances, the reliability of the test data is much higher than the traditional quantitative automatic packaging weigher, the faster and more efficient the weighing speed, the wider the weighing range and the more accurate the weighing. The advantages of computer combination weighers are clear at a glance, but in the past, computer weighers were mainly imported, and the price was too high, which hindered the wide application in China. “Kenwei ” intelligent combination weighers are constantly innovating in products, and the technology is continuously improved to ensure that customers are provided with marketable products, thus reducing the cost of customers' services. The “cost-effective” feature has also been widely Consumers are welcome.  

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In the past May, the 16th China (Qingdao) International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition hosted by the China Food Industry Association was successfully held at the Qingdao International Exhibition Center. As the exhibitor of Guangdong Kenwei Intelligent Machine. Co., Ltd. is a multi-head combination weigher manufacturer with large international production and wide influence. With continuous exploration, research and application of advanced technology, bold attempts, continuous innovation, more than 20 kinds of tailor-made for different product materials. The series of models are widely used in food, medicine, chemical, hardware, daily use and other fields, and have won praises from customers at home and abroad!  Information as an important economic resource, exhibition activities can allow us to share information on certain material and cultural exchanges to varying degrees, and let more people know about the products made by Kenwei.   

At the Qingdao Packaging Machinery Exhibition, “Kenwei” Company showed us the automatic quantitative packing weigher and the semi-automatic belt manual weigher, which attracted many people to observe. As a kind of combination weigher series, the automatic fish quantitative packing weigher is characterized by the use of a single-door special hopper and anti-adhesive design structure to ensure smooth flow of materials and ensure the accuracy of weighing accuracy. The packaging weigher is mainly suitable for the quantitative weighing of snack foods with large viscosity, high oil content and easy to stick after the material is stationary in the hopper, such as spicy fish, spicy salted duck. This exhibition is also the latest development of 19 years - semi-automatic belt manual weigher, its mechanical characteristics is a bilinear layout, belt-type open weighing tray design structure, can effectively solve high viscosity or large block, flow Bad material. It is suitable for automatic weighing of large block, strip and stalk materials with poor fluidity, such as fish,noodles, shrimp and other aquatic products, meat, medicine and other materials. 

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In non-stop,the 19th Shanghai International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from June 19th to 21st. This is a three-day grand event for the whole industry chain of food processing and packaging machinery. Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd. will take this event to bring you a series of new weighing packaging production equipment, such as automatic filling system, automatic unpacking, packing, sealing system and multi-type weighing equipment, eagerly looking forward to the presence of the majority of businesses.     

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As early as 2006, Guangdong Kenwei began to provide customers with intelligent intelligent weighing equipment. After more than ten years of growth, “Kenwei” company layout semi-automatic production mode and specialized production mode of subdivided components can accelerate the production cycle. At the same time, the capacity of 7,000 sets is achieved. For the weighing of various types of materials, Guangdong Kenwei has designed a variety of corresponding computer combination weigher machines, equipped with high-precision digital load cells, multi-language computer-controlled liquid crystal displays, rotatable main vibration machines, and new High-speed non-spring aluminum hopper and other high-quality hardware equipment; in addition, it also has IP65 waterproof and dustproof, super fault self-diagnosis, machine simulation operation and many other intelligent operation functions. Its high operating speed and high weighing accuracy are favored by the majority of users, and “Guangdong Kenwei” has undoubtedly become the brand that the packaging machinery industry at home and abroad rely on.   

As a leading technology company in the field of quantitative weighing and heavy packaging in the world, “Kenwei” is committed to providing customers with new combination weighing equipment and complete automatic quantitative weighing packaging system to meet their needs, creating long-term value and potential for customers,helping global customers and partners succeed. “Kenwei” will showcase its various packaging machinery at home and abroad, and promote its intelligent combination weigher equipment to a wider market. It is committed to more professional, higher quality and innovative for more demanding enterprises and partners. The quantitative weighing and packaging equipment products improve their production efficiency, promote the development of the company itself, and achieve a win-win cooperation relationship.   

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