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video shows suspected cop killer at courthouse for marriage during manhunt

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
A video released by the Bexar County Sheriff\'s Office on Wednesday showed Otis Tyrone McCaine entering the Bexar County Court on Monday to get married, less than 24 hours after he was charged with shooting oneAt 9:54 a. m.
On Monday, meanwhile, police are preparing to host a second press conference in an attempt to identify the suspects Mike Kane and Christian Chanel field, 27, who are from Houston. According to the video, the Bexar County Court was entered.
Field put her stuff in X-
As a deputy to a Bexar County sheriff, the machine first passes through the metal detector.
McKane tracks the scene through metal detectors.
He can be seen wearing a red jersey, black shorts and running shoes as he goes through the metal detector.
The video shows that despite the lack of audio, McKane briefly said a few words to the sheriff\'s deputy and doubled it and seemed to be laughing.
At that time, the police released a vague picture of the man believed to be the gunman, but had not yet identified him and had not issued a specific alert to other law enforcement officials.
This can explain why a clerk or judge does not recognize the name of McCaine and does not issue a warning to the authorities.
After 3 minutes, according to the obtained documents, McKane and Fields obtained the marriage license.
They also received a 72-
One hour after the marriage certificate is issued.
The \"presiding judge\" who signed the waiver in the heavily guarded court is the County Court --at-Law No.
According to the county clerk\'s office, Judge Varden Shelton.
He also hosted the wedding but declined to comment on Tuesday.
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