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lax security at world cup venues raises worries

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
Someone walked past the metal detector and the buzzer made a sound.
The smiling guard did not let him empty his pocket, and did not even explain why the alarm clock rang, and waved forward.
This scene is unthinkable in the airport terminal, and has been repeated many times in several stadiums in the first few days of the World Cup.
With the attention of billions of fans, a month-long event hosted by South Africa could be an attractive target for terrorists.
The laid-
Security at the stadium and major media centers appears to be largely reserved for certified visitors such as journalists and VIPs.
The package search is usually sketchy or non-existent and the credentials are usually not checked carefully. CBSNews.
Com Special section: 2010 World Cup hot news Dayton striker Barr\'s reaction to the death of Epstein, a senior FIFA security expert is a consultant to the organizers of the World Cup, he says he believes regular fans will be strictly screened, but says more respect may be given to people with qualifications.
\"Maybe it will be more relaxed,\" he said . \"
But there are strict orders. . .
They checked my certification.
They looked at my face and compared to the photos.
\"So far, there has been no serious safety report on the venue during the competition --
The fans have always been very enthusiastic, and most of them are very good. behaved.
The police said they were happy with FIFA.
While acknowledging the general lack of experience for the venue audience
I believe there will be steady progress as the tournament progresses.
\"This is the first time they have faced so many people coming in,\" Schmidt said . \".
\"It will take some time for them to understand and get familiar with the situation.
\"However, after a
9/11 GAO \'an is the era of normal
When the assassin pretended to be a reporter and successfully killed public figures
Security is clearly more relaxed than other modern multinational events, including the recent Olympics.
Journalists from The Associated Press and other organizations have repeatedly encountered lax security.
An AP editor starts the metal detector multiple times without a package check.
Another person who misplaced the certificate entered the media center without even being asked to show it.
A photographer who entered Port Elizabeth Stadium said the guards had barely looked at the equipment in her box, including cables and radio transmitters.
At the stadium in Durban, an Associated Press reporter strayed into what was said to be off-site.
Limit the presidential District and observe clear white tablecloths and wine glasses when ready, but there is no doubt about the private security guards there.
Toronto Star columnist Catherine Kelly describes the security of the United StatesS. -
The England match at Le stenburg on Saturday was \"a mess of smiles \".
\"In fact, many journalists who have noticed security mistakes have praised the happiness of the security guards.
This is in sharp contrast to the relatively severe situation.
In the past few Olympic Games and the World Cup, there have been a large number of spectators.
In these events, a certificate is electronically scanned whenever a person enters an official venue, and there is no such scan at this World Cup.
At the Beijing and Vancouver Olympic Games, the luggage of journalists is often searched thoroughly.
This is still rare so far.
The local organizing committee is mainly responsible for the conditions in the stadium.
Its spokesman, Rich Mkhondo, said the commission was not aware of any major issues with the safety of the site and that his office had referred the detailed issues to the South African police station.
\"We are very satisfied that our actions are going on as planned,\" police spokesman Vishnu Naidoo said . \".
\"The exemplary behavior of the fans must be praised a lot.
Schmidt said FIFA was pleased with the training provided for security personnel hired by private companies.
But he said there was nothing to replace the game. day conditions.
\"In theory, you can train,\" he said . \".
\"But you don\'t have that experience without being in the stadium.
It takes some time if people don\'t have experience.
Schmidt said he was happy with the friendliness on the screen.
\"Yes, we have rules,\" he said . \"
\"But there should be a human touch. . .
It\'s not just that people are so strict, just say no.
\"Schmidt was asked if a factor in the security arrangements could have something to do with the past of South Africa as a segregated white land --minority rule.
Will some members of the mostly black security contingent be inclined to avoid conflict with white people entering the venue?
\"I remember the discussion after the Confederations Cup (
Held in South Africa last year)
\"There is no problem about people saying,\" Schmidt said . \".
\"But I think things have changed.
They were always good. trained.
Strict requirements can be made when necessary.
\"There are signs that security measures are strengthening as the tournament progresses.
In South Africa, which opened on Friday, a reporter observed a temporary screening of journalists --
Mexico\'s game says Argentina will be more secure the next day. Nigeria match -
Security inspector with check bag and hand
Metal detectors.
For the much-anticipated AmericaS. -
In the England match on Saturday night, as the match went on, security guards around the Rustenburg stadium seemed more nervous.
A reporter said he entered the venue without being scanned or dead --
Although he had the possibility of hiding a bulky coat of dangerous goods on his arm, he was checked.
Later in the day, the reporter used his hand-
Hold a metal detector and ask for instructions on any items that cause beeps.
Security personnel operating X
Ray Phillips specifically asked photographers entering the Rustenburg venue not to put bulky TV cameras and tripod on the machine.
When asked about this, a guard replied, \"The gun has to go through the machine, not the camera.
\"It\'s a different story for Rustenburg fans.
Those who go to the venue by bus have to show their ticket, and some have to wait in line for an hour at the entrance through a metal detector.
Police spokesman Naidoo said South African police have not received any substantive complaints about lax security.
\"On the contrary, only praise will come,\" he said . \".
He said that the venue security personnel were instructed to be vigilant even when dealing with certified personnel, to ensure that they pass the metal detector, and to thoroughly check if the alarm rings.
\"If there is a problem with our private security, then we will step in and take over the security of the stadium as a joint security force,\" he said . \".
Outside the venue, security has been a concern for many World Cup participants, and some foreign journalists have been robbed of their money and equipment.
Most teams in the tournament
Some media organizations
Have their own safety personnel and have strict and effective safety measures in many training places of the team.
So far, no team official or star player has publicly expressed any uneasiness about the security arrangements.
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