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historic pipe organ is no longer groton\'s secret

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
2: 30, at mersandy Pond Road, Groton, a concert hosted by organ player Phil Kyle sarshanklin odirimon. m. Tickets $20978-670-
1269 when Garrett Shanklin heard about the original console and other historical organ parts used by the Boston Metropolitan Theater in Portland, Oregon.
\"I have to ask for it,\" he thought . \"
\"So when the pizzeria closed in late 1990, Shanklin, who owns a packaging machinery company in Ayer, bought the organ and brought it back to Groton, where he lives.
He fixed it and then designed an auditorium specifically for the organ and its music.
The result is a little-
Groton\'s famous entertainment gem is spawned by a person\'s passion for an art form: the Shanklin auditorium, the home of the Shanklin organ, and three or four organ concerts per year.
The next concert will be held on May 1 at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool, England.
Mr. Shanklin, who is in his 70 s and half-retired, called the auditorium and its organ \"the best \"--
The secret of Groton
\"I let people in and say, \'I drive past here every week and I never knew it was there,\' he said. \'\".
In the 1930 s, the organ was used to watch silent films at the historic Metropolitan Theater in the present king\'s center.
It was in Boston until it was in its 1970 s when it was bought by the pizza shop.
It is the largest organ in New England and probably the best in New England . \"
This is a magnificent restoration.
This is a piece of art.
\"In order to complete the heavy
During the heyday of the silent film era, Shanklin spent two years building a special house on Shoutang Road.
\"It was originally for my own enjoyment, so I can play with it,\" Shanklin said . \".
\"We built the building very big and we could have a concert.
\"We recognize that if people like it, people can get most of the information through their eyes,\" he said . \".
\"So, we installed a dramatic lighting system with a dramatic dimming system.
\"Another aspect of design includes many percussion instruments hanging on the front wall.
When the organ plays the sound corresponding to it, each instrument is focused.
Shanklin also built a curved wall behind the concert space to enhance sound effects.
\"Instead of just walking into a room where someone plays music, you have an audio-visual performance,\" Shanklin said . \".
\"It\'s a very special instrument because it always sounds great and it sounds better to have a room built for it,\" he said . \".
Because according to Shanklin, the organ is one of two instruments invented in the United States, the other is banjo, and shanklin equates the repair of historical organs with a little bit of American protection.
Shanklin is particularly excited about the upcoming concert.
He said that Kyle Sal\'s concert was characterized by the large number of works he played and the variety of emotions he created.
\"When you sit there and listen, you will find,\" said Shanklin, \"and you will say, \'Oh, I haven\'t heard that song for a while;
Ivy resident Beverly Schulz said that when she heard organs from people who told her \"we went to your backyard to watch organ concerts\", she began to attend the concert.
\"Eyer is a quiet place with organs,\" she said . \".
\"I\'m curious.
She has already attended three or four concerts, and Shanklin usually invites people to visit his buildings, Schultz said.
\"The last concert we went to was on Halloween,\" Schultz said . \".
\"They showed a silent film, The Phantom of the opera, playing music on the organ as a accompaniment to the film.
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