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despite brutal hours and hostile fliers, tsa workers have much to celebrate this labor day

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
Newark Liberty International Airport is the busiest 14 airports in the country last year, and this Labor Day passenger is expected to increase compared to last year, and it should be busier than ever. But at 3 a. m.
It feels like a ghost town.
Just outside Terminal B, the only sign of life was a Port Authority police car idling by the side of the road, a recycling truck whistling through a shuttle bus shelter.
Inside the terminal, a half-way passenger was sitting in bed with a suitcase in his lap, while a security guard wearing an orange vest was silently floating on the escalator.
But whether it\'s Labor Day, or another holiday, or a working day, while the majority of the flying public still dream of their holiday, or toss and turn before a business trip, security guards at the Transport Safety Authority are already preparing for another day of battle, an endless, mostly secular fight against terrorism.
At the B1 checkpoint, transportation safety officer Lisa Nunes (Lisa Nunes) performed a strange daily ritual that might look funny to minors. Nunes, 34-year-
Two old mothers from Union, while holding the rubber, walked back and forth more than a dozen times through a metal detector
About a large piece of soap-sized coated metal test piece leaned against her chest, hips, and overhead.
Nunes is calibrating the metal detector to make sure the machine is set at a level that is sensitive enough, even if it is a small metal threat --
In a pocket or a headscarf-
Although not so sensitive, it is caused by fillings or other harmless body alloys.
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Former contract TSA staff at Newark Airport praised the newly granted collective bargaining rights TSA order retraining, as racial discrimination was recently on duty at Newark airport and elsewhere, other violations \"thousands of people are there all day long and you just want to make sure it works,\" said Noness, a former coffee shop owner who joined TSA in December 2010, as she wanted to make a difference.
Nunes plans to work today after working on Saturday and Sunday.
But she said she wouldn\'t mind.
\"I chose this line because I wanted to make sure that 9/11 wouldn\'t happen again.
I like what I do.
\"I love what I do,\" said Nunes, who plans to celebrate the festival this afternoon with her 10-year-old daughter Katie and 6-year-old Ashley.
Chas Harris, a lawyer for the American Federation of Government Employees, said this is the Labor Day that all airport security personnel should celebrate, whether they are on leave or not.
Earlier this month, TSA and AFGE union delegates reached 10-
After the United States Transportation Safety Administration chief John pistoller granted security agents collective bargaining power last year, the agency has a year\'s history.
The 44,000 screening personnel covered by the agreement will vote next month to decide whether to approve the agreement.
\"It\'s a very important labor day for them,\" Harris said of the screening force for new union membership.
\"All TSO should recognize how collective bargaining will improve the working conditions and morale of their siblings and improve the performance of the work.
\"Critics of collective bargaining say that if the terms of the contract limit TSA\'s ability to respond to staffing issues or security emergencies, this could compromise security.
TSA and AFGE rejected the claim.
\"Nothing in the contract deals with security procedures, nor does it mention how they screen their luggage, nor does it mention how often they screen their luggage,\" Harris said . \".
\"They are excluded from bargaining.
\"Wages are also outside of consideration, which has frustrated some filmmakers who are one of the lowest paid workers in the federal government.
For example, Newark Liberty Airport starts at about $32,000 a year, including $28. percent cost-of-living premium.
Nevertheless, Harris said that the agreement did provide some very real benefits for security personnel: performance evaluation based on observation rather than testing;
A liberal dress code that allows wearing shorts or jackets in hot or cold weather;
Tender for annual shifts and leave based on seniority;
And the right to change shifts with colleagues.
\"I think this will make it a better working environment,\" said Jennifer Bynum, a 30-year-old Belleville player, a former all-food trainer, sweeping is taking place in corridors and gate areas outside the B1 checkpoint.
\"We will be able to focus more on security than on other things that are happening.
\"It\'s almost four. m.
, Back to the checkpoint, TSO Brian Bell is adjusting X-
Machine for carryingon bags. The 47-year-
Former ultrasound technicians said he and other security personnel were very clear about the public\'s hostility to them after occasional security anger or security loopholes.
But he says he also knows that most filmmakers appreciate the work of screenwriters.
\"They let us know, they thanked us,\" Bell said . \" He lives with his wife, nine years old. year-
Old daughter of Belville
Yes, the bell of Belville).
\"I think it\'s one of the pilots, thank you for keeping us safe,\" he said.
This moved me very much.
\"Inez Diaz, a passenger at B1, has just been touched.
Diaz accepted a random patrol by TSA and was criticized for excessive interference by civil liberals and other critics. But the 26-year-
The old West New Yorker said: \"It doesn\'t matter.
\"I don\'t mind,\" Diaz said before heading to the gate and Mexico for a holiday.
Not only security guards work in the early hours of Newark Liberty Hotel.
Elizabeth\'s 21-year-old Ashley Boden is the night shift manager at Terminal B subway station, where some security guards are drinking coffee and iced tea before opening the checkpoint.
At about 8: 30, Bodden went to work. m.
Leaving her 3-year-
I gave birth to a pair of twins at home with my mother.
She usually leaves work at 7 or 8 the next morning and plays with two toddlers until all three are ready for a nap.
Boden loves her daughter the most.
That\'s why she works six days a week for $100 a day.
But they are a minority and she says her job is a welcome respite.
\"I like working all night.
Bodden said in a tone that was too cheerful for a time of impiety. \"It’s calm.
Little pressure.
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