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x-ray machine to crack gold smuggling cases at airport | pune news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
Pune: to further crack down on gold smugglers trying to sneak into precious metals through Pune Airport, the customs authorities here will soon get X-
Ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF)machine.
The machine can detect the composition of any metal element-
Within a few seconds, customs officials gained an edge in fighting with smugglers.
Customs sources say Pune airport will have x-x machines within a month.
The X-ray machine can be used in two different ways.
Once we receive it, we will decide the best way to use it.
More recently, the preferred practice for smugglers is to mix gold with different chemicals and metals, convert it into paste, and then hide the paste in different parts of the body.
During the frisking process, the X-X machine can be used to scan passengers.
The device can automatically judge the composition of any metal.
This means that if a person has metal in his body, the exact composition of the metal can be recorded.
Once this is done, we can read the readings carefully to see if the person carries unusual metals such as gold.
A source told TOI that The X-ray machine will basically act as a scanner.
Another way, the official said, might be to put the machine next to a metal detector in the door frame (DFMD).
This will also help.
So far, DFMDs has not been very successful in detecting gold in paste form.
However, if the X-ray machine is right next to the DFMD, it can quickly provide a reading of the metal composition and alert officials of an abnormal amount of gold.
Officials are very careful anyway.
Most passengers do wear some kind of jewelry, and the authorities try to avoid unnecessary inquiries.
Another official said we will be able to decide the right way to use the equipment once it arrives.
The number of cases attempting to trade gold in paste form will now decrease, the source said.
We have already achieved success in three major areas.
Gold smugglers now know that slipping out of Pune Airport is a daunting task.
While we hope that the number of smuggling cases will decrease, we are also sure that smugglers will soon come up with a new modus operandi.
However, we are on alert at the airport, the official said.
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