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the deadly virus caught from eating fallen fruit: nipah outbreak ‘claims ten lives’ as it sweeps southern india carried by bats

by:Kenwei      2019-09-17
It is believed that 10 people have died in India\'s deadly Nipa virus outbreak.
Indian health officials said today that five people have been confirmed to have died of the disease carried by fruity bats, and five other suspected victims are being tested.
This incurable virus can be infected from pigs or people who eat fruit or drink palm wine contaminated with infected bats.
It can also be transmitted between people.
Officials warned people not to eat fruit they found outdoors and found mangoes bitten by bats in the homes of three dead family members.
According to the World Health Organization, nipa has killed more than 260 people in Malaysia, Bangladesh and India in the past 20 years.
In 1998, the first known outbreak broke out in Malaysia, killing more than 100 people after contracting pigs.
The state\'s health authorities are highly vigilant and have set up medical camps and control rooms to respond to emerging situations.
More than 90 people were in isolation, nine were taken to hospital, and more were suspected of being killed by the virus.
The nipa virus is fatal in 70 cases-it causes the flu --
Like symptoms and fever, it can cause swelling and coma in the brain.
Lini Puthussery, 31, is a nursing assistant and motherof-
Second, after she died after treating an infected patient, the authorities called her a \"hero \".
Worried about the spread of the virus, her body was quickly cremated before her family had a chance to visit.
According to The Times of India this morning, the death toll in MS pudusse reached 10.
The head minister of the state of nursekerala, pinarai Vijayan, said that the \"selfless service of the purseeri will be remembered \". In a heart-
The heartbreaking last MS, Puthussery, left to her husband, said: \"I don\'t think I can see you again. Sorry.
Please take good care of our children.
This is the first outbreak in the state of Karala in southwestern India, but elsewhere in the country, as well as in Malaysia and Bangladesh, it has also broken out in the past.
Despite media reports of 10 deaths, officials told AFP that the final test of more than 5 deaths had not yet been completed.
Nine people were admitted to hospital for symptoms similar to the virus, of which one was tested positive.
The nipa virus, named by the World Health Organization as one of the ten most pressing threats to human beings, could lead to an epidemic.
Who has called for more research on the deadly virus that currently does not have a vaccine.
It is recommended that people avoid infected people or animals, and do not drink jujube palm juice or palm wine that is publicly stored near palm trees to prevent infection.
They should also be careful to eat fruits found outdoors.
Three members of the same family died of the virus.
Bitten mangoes and dead bats were found at their home in the Kozhikode district, about 750 miles south of Mumbai. U. V.
Jose, a regional collector at Kozhikode, said all government and private hospitals are in close coordination.
Health workers are visiting individual families to provide them with specific instructions, including eating fruit outside and other precautions, he said.
Neighboring Cathay Pacific state has stepped up its surveillance of border areas due to concerns about the proliferation of nipa.
The virus was initially found in an outbreak in Malaysia in 1998, when more than 100 people were reported dead and 1 million pigs had to be put down.
The outbreak has spread to Singapore and has since seen human cases in Bangladesh, India and Australia.
No cure for coma
Causing symptoms of the virus-including fever, headache, drowsiness and confusion-usually occurs within five to 14 days of infection with the virus and can last for two weeks.
However, in severe cases, one can get into a coma within 24 hours of the onset of the symptoms, and some have breathing problems.
There is no cure for this virus, so people will get supportive treatment to try to relieve the symptoms.
Research should be fast
The World Health Organization said this year that the nipa virus was included in the list of pathogens, and the World Health Organization said research should be fasttracked.
According to relevant experts, it was named one of the ten killer viruses that pose the most \"urgent\" threat to humans.
The Ebola and Zika virus have caused serious epidemics in the past four years, but both are named for fear that they will break out again.
For the first time ever, \"Disease x\"
A pathogen currently unknown to scientists.
Mentioned by the World Health Organization.
The deaths of people from the Crimean Congo (Congo) fever have recently been found in Uganda.
Officials are also concerned about the Marburg virus, which is considered one of the most deadly pathogens at present.
It also shocked African countries in November.
The other five deadly diseases mentioned on the list that require urgent action include: Ratha fever, MERS, SARS, Nipah virus, and rift fever.
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