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right-wing \'bomb\' in jerusalem

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
-A 12 kg (26. 4 pound)
On Monday night, a fake bomb attached to it was found at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, which said, \"the detachment of contact will explode on our faces,\" causing widespread panic and forcing the police to clean up three
When the workers investigated the incident, the building.
This by alarm clock, wire and balloon composition of package obviously is by-
From contact of protesters.
It was found in Tonight 7:30 about. m.
Security of public car Station is one of the most widely of action.
Passengers must pass through metal detectors and luggage must pass through the airport. style x-
Every passenger was searched.
In the event next Monday, the police and terminal security personnel must explore how activists finally took the fake bomb to the station.
A few Ten a policeman rushed to the scene to maintain order thousands of people out of the station after police officials detonated the fake bomb.
Jerusalem police chief Ilan Franco said the incident marked an escalation of right-wing forces. wing anti-Pull out the protest.
\"I hope the escalation will end here.
\"I call on the perpetrators to stop the crime now,\" he said . \".
Franco says the bill is a typical right wing.
Many of them have been arrested in the past, he added.
\"There\'s a way to do this over and over again,\" he said . \".
\"This is a serious incident that must be treated in this way.
One of the main questions we have to ask ourselves isfake bomb)
Brought into the station.
Two American tourists were forced to wait an hour before boarding the bus to erat.
\"It is crazy to do such a thing;
It sounds like something a child would do rather than an adult, \"one of them said.
\"We are here to see this country and to better understand the conflict, we are not here to get caught up inbus)
Stood for two hours.
\"People are able to smuggle a tank into the station, which worries me,\" said Shimi, an employee at the central bus station . \".
\"The police will know how to deal with it.
It\'s part of life here, \"he said.
Interior Minister pas
\"The people who placed the bomb crossed the line between legitimate protest and terror,\" said pines.
\"Those who have no doubts about placing fake bombs may eventually turn to killing bombs,\" he said . \".
Minister Matan Vilnai strongly condemned the incident, saying protesters had crossed the red line.
\"It was a very serious incident designed to use the tactics of our enemy to scare innocent people and disrupt the activities of the police.
\"The line between the fake bomb and the real bomb is very thin.
The line crossed tonight should cause a stir across Israel.
We must find the criminals who carried out this stunt and bring them to justice.
Wilnai criticized the right.
The wing representative said that they turned a blind eye to extreme forms of protests and created fertile soil for such acts.
\"Wake up before it\'s too late,\" he warned . \".
The event was not the first in the capital.
Two fake bombs were found at the bus stop on the main street, saying that \"disengaging will explode on our faces\", \"Jews will not expel Jews, warning the incident is only the beginning of a \"difficult struggle.
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