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body scanners nab drug-smuggling inmates at barton street jail

by:Kenwei      2019-09-02
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As part of the province\'s efforts to combat smuggling, body scanner technology is being launched and operated at Barton prison.
Hamilton Wentworth Detention Center (more than 1,750HWDC)
The prisoners have passed the scanner since it was activated on Sept.
According to the Department of Community Safety and Corrections.
\"Three positive body scans resulted in the Hamilton Police Department filing criminal charges against three HWDC prisoners,\" Health Ministry spokesman Andrew Morrison said in an email . \".
Morrison will not provide details of the items that the body scanner normally intercepts --
Repeatedly recommended in drug investigations over the years --
Death of related prisoners
Hamilton police say 25-year-
The old male prisoner was charged.
After he was found to have 130 grams of marijuana, he was used to sell it. A 19-year-
Police said the old man was accused of possession of marijuana the same day after being found carrying 60 grams of marijuana. And a 25-year-
The old female prisoner was charged.
People who own marijuana
Police say she carried 39 grams of tobacco and 22 grams of marijuana.
Prisoners allowed to go to jail will sit on the BOSS via a metal detector before the body scanner appears (
Security scanner)
Chair used to detect any metal object hidden in the cavity.
But things like drugs or liquids can\'t be picked up by these machines.
If a prisoner is suspected of smuggling drugs
Usually done by placing drugs
Stuffed plastic eggs
Shaped Candy container in the rectum
Prisoners can be placed in \"dry batteries\" without running water so that the evidence is not washed away.
The chairman of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union corrections division, local Monte Vieselmeyer, said the union has long called for body scanners
And describe it as the \"game changer\" of the correctional staff \".
\"This will make our facilities safer, not only for the staff, but also for the prisoners,\" he said . \".
\"Especially with the entry of drugs . . . . . . The drugs that these people may consume may be their death notice.
\"The scanner is as a six-
A one-month pilot project was conducted at the Toronto West Detention Centre in August 2015 and has now been installed in six other institutions, including Barton.
\"The ministry remains committed to installing body scanners in all 26 provincial correctional institutions by 2018,\" said department spokesman Morrison . \".
Low machine usagedose X-
Ray technology captures images of contraband hidden in the human cavity.
During the Toronto West pilot, a total of 16,427 scans were conducted and 86 prisoners were found carrying items such as ceramic blades, summary weapons, lighters, pills, marijuana and tobacco.
Vieselmeyer cited one of the benefits of law enforcement --
Each scan is recorded and documented so that this photo can be used as evidence in court at a later date.
He said the machines will also stop the smuggling of prisoners entering the prison --
In particular, intermittent prisoners who serve their sentences on weekends may be forced to carry drugs.
\"Now the message is filtered --
We want it to be: if you come in (with drugs)
\"You will be caught,\" he said . \"
In the past decade, there have been 18 investigations involving 19 provincial correctional institutions with excessive deaths, which hold remand prisoners awaiting trial, serving short sentences and on and off (or weekend)sentences.
A bystander survey last year analyzed more than 100
Binding proposals from these surveys, including calls for body scanners
Most of them have never been properly implemented.
Barton prison will face an unprecedented investigation after the drug incident.
Between 2012 and 2015, six prisoners were killed.
The deaths of David Gillian, Stephen Nison, Louis Unelli, Marty tycoliz, William Acheson, and Julian Walton will be under investigation
There is no arrangement yet.
The most recent victim, Walton, is 20 years old and was found dead in a cell a year ago.
His 20-year-old prison friend was also found to be unresponsive but survived.
A spokesman for the coroner\'s office said the date had not yet been set.
Barton prison, 42, died. 2012.
David Geely, 46, died in May 2015.
Stephen Nisen, 44, died in February. 2015.
Marty tycoiz, 38, died in May 2014.
Louis Ouane, 40, died in March 2012.
Julian Walton, 20, passed away in October. 2015.
Death from prison: the antidote to excessive death in Ontario prisons is now free in Ontario pharmacies, and the newly released prisoners have an excess death rate of 12 times higher than the public: study mhayes @ thespec. com 905-526-
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