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tsa groping

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
What\'s wrong with America? Today, I saw a video of another TSA atrocity.
I already know that there are a lot of problems in the world today, from financial turmoil to our civil rights being eaten a little by the authorities, but, how did we get to TSA, I mean it\'s common, it\'s not like we have no problems with drug trafficking, hijacking, and all kinds of other crimes committed through Airlines before that.
But in the past, we have always found non-invasive ways to stop these things.
Metal detectors, bombs and drug sniffing machines, dogs, and many other passive but effective forms of actual flight safety all play a role.
TSA used its highly dangerous radiation-spewing nude scanners and invasive sexual harassment like the ups and downs to do just plain criminal acts, and only completed the security measures that have been implemented.
How did this come, how did people become so complacent and so uninvolved in their own government that they allowed them to invade their privacy to this extent? \"This is because of 911. We have to stop terrorists,\" Many people said . \"
But if that\'s the case, then don\'t you think the so-called \"terrorists\" would come up with another way to get around those measures?
I mean, the so called 911 hijackers shot down 4 planes with the box cutter, OK box cutter.
If this is possible, then why can\'t someone grind a lens on a pair of reading glasses and use it.
Or better yet, why not go to the style of the prison prisoner, file the end of the travel toothbrush with a nail plate in the airplane bathroom, and you have a handle.
Better yet, why not train terrorists into bad ass martial artists who can kill with bare hands?
My point is that \"terrorist attacks\" are still very easy on the plane, and if anyone really wants to do that, regardless of TSA and their security measures.
So if it really doesn\'t make us think more safely, why should we treat ourselves like criminals and expose ourselves to lethal radiation? Metal detectors will never go away, and they make a lot of sense.
You can\'t make any kind of nuclear weapons without some metal parts, besides, most other conventional weapons such as guns and knives are made of metal, so metal detectors are very effective, the right chemical sniffing dogs and machines also make sense, and each chemical leaves some sort of trace, even if they are able to make it completely impossible to detect, as I have said before, if someone really wants to hijack the plane, they will also find a way to do it with or without equipment.
That\'s why we have airmen on every flight and undercover investigators at every airport looking for suspicious behavior.
But when we get to the ground where everyone is seen as a terrorist, we have crossed the good security and fallen into conquest.
That\'s why it all comes down.
TSA is just another government agency designed to make you feel weak and get used to being told what to do if you like it or not.
It was the predecessor of all slavery, and now not only at the airport, it also entered the train station, bus station, and even appeared at the high school dance.
Soon, if no action is taken, you will have to shoot it down or enter your office building via a body scanner or order a burger from McDonald\'s.
So I propose to stop submitting to TSA if we want to stop it.
Find alternative ways to travel by bus while still not under TSA supervision and by train without TSA supervision.
Conference call when you can take the place of a business trip.
Although it feels like it may not be of any benefit, please write down your members of Congress who all write for your state and tell them to stop the TSA in your state.
Texas is already trying to do this, they are very close to success, and other states are starting to follow suit, but if you and everyone you can tell stop obeying them, then they have no purpose. Congress will wake up and get information. Dr.
Martin Luther King
Convincing people to do this with isolation on the bus system, why can\'t we all do the same with his noble example.
So that\'s what I think, you can agree, or you can be a power hungry elite and a light-handed sheep that doesn\'t agree, but ask yourself if you can fly without undressing, flash the security guard and let them feel it. I will.
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