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how to avoid an airport security pat down

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
Airport security lines can be intimidating, especially if you don\'t travel a lot and can\'t remember all the rules.
What\'s even more frightening is to start a metal detector or full
Body scanner and sent to secondary screening.
Here are some strategies to reduce the chances of being asked to abandon search: First, learn about general guidelines.
The belt and shoes must be removed and placed in the bin.
Try to avoid wearing a belt if possible.
If not, choose one that is light and easy to remove.
Take it off, roll it up and put it in your carry-on --
Before you get to x. ray machine.
Wear shoes that are easy to take off. Knee-
High, buckle boots may not be the most effective option!
It is recommended to wear socks as you will go barefoot through an area with thousands of people passing through each day. Carry-on-on bag well-
Organized and neatly packed.
This makes it easier to view the items inside on x-
Ray machine, can also remove items from the bag more easily if needed.
Bulky electronic devices such as laptops and DVD players must enter x-
The machine, so have them in your bag in such a way that you can easily take them out.
All liquids must be in a liquid container of 3 ounces or less and the liquid container must be in a plastic zipper
The top bag is not a quart.
Only one quart-sized liquid container bag is allowed.
TSA requires all \"bulky\" jewelry to be placed in your carry-onon bag.
I find that \"clunky\" can be subjective depending on the TSA agent you come across, so I usually only go through x-ray or full-body scanner.
I did this because I used to take my wedding ring with the rest of the jewelry and TSA pulled me aside and told me I didn\'t need to do it.
Save so much time!
Of course, the easiest way is to put the jewelry in checked baggage or carry-on luggage --
In this way, when you reach the safety line, you are missing something to remove.
If possible, earrings and other body piercings can also be removed in advance.
Wearing the right clothes will also help speed up your trip.
Try to wear simple clothes like jeans and T-shirts. shirt.
Avoid clothes with large metal buttons or buckles, and bulky clothes that may make the whole outfit difficult
Body scanner to determine if you have anything hidden.
If you are wearing a coat, you will be asked to go through x-
The machine, so remove it when you approach the production line, or avoid trouble by wrapping it in checked baggage.
Most importantly, empty your pocket!
Basically nothing should go through a metal detector or full
Except for you and your clothes.
Especially the whole
The body scanner, as it will pick up any little thing you may carry, and if your pocket is not empty, you will be pulled aside for a secondary screening.
During my last vacation, I saw a man photographed in front of me because he didn\'t take the gas station receipt from the back pocket.
I found that the best strategy would be to put everything I usually have in my pocket into something I carry with me --
In addition to my photo ID and boarding pass, there is also in the bag.
I put these things in the bin with my shoes so I don\'t forget them.
If you have questions about something, please check the TSA website or contact your airline and they can answer any questions you can think.
It\'s better to trust your intuition that if you want to wear a dress or bring an item through security check, it can cause problems, put it in your checked baggage and don\'t take risks.
Preparation is your best friend when dealing with airport security issues.
Not only will you speed up your own travel, but you will also make your peers travel faster and less stressful!
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