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hoard of more than 550 rare gold and silver 14th century coins worth an estimated £150,000 are dug up by a group of amateur metal detectorists

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
A treasure house of 14th century with more than 550 rare gold and silver coins worth 150,000 ($195,000)
It has been found in County.
The shipment, which includes 12 extremely rare full gold coins starting with a black death, is considered one of the biggest hoarders from the UK in the past decade.
The people who found it were four Amateur detectors attending a local metal detector rally.
The coins are kept in the museum until they are officially valued and will be sold and the proceeds will be distributed between the Discoverer and the landowner.
For more than four days, four men dug 557 coins in a field in buckin County.
They were initially pleased to find only 12 silver pieces of Edward I and II with gorgeous decorations.
But the men said they were more used to digging the shell of the shotgun and the thimble, rather than digging the treasure, and they found one coin after another while digging.
On the first day, they found 276 silver coins and 9 Golden nobles.
These silver coins are considered to be during the reign of Edward I and II --1272 to 1327 -
It\'s a rare mix of Lincoln, Birmingham, Ireland and Scotland.
The ship, nicknamed Hambleden Hoard, was suspected to have been hidden by a rich man more than 600 years ago.
After that, the position of each coin was painstakingly drawn on the grid.
Three of the four men found in the collection came from tyenside in the north.
In the East of England, they even slept in tents to avoid being stolen.
The group consists of three friends.
Andrew Winter, the Tobias brothers and the Novak brothers, and the other person they didn\'t know at the time, Dailius fiakowski.
Mr. Mateusz, a hospital cleaner from Newcastle, said: \"It feels unreal.
After finding the treasure and then cleaning up the area, we had to expand our search two more times because we found a lot of things.
This is a miracle after miracle for everyone.
Mr. Novak, a baker at Newcastle, added: \"I can\'t even imagine how we were so lucky.
It was the best weekend of my life.
I will remember it all my life.
\"The discovery was found at an organized rally, which was held at a venue near Hambleden, a village recorded at 1086.
But when most participants found themselves digging shotgun shells and some old iron, they found gold.
Without finding anything, the group was on their way to another place when their probe signaled.
According to Mr Winter, his machine sent out a code indicating that they had detected a silver coin that had been hammered.
The trio turned over a lump of earth with two coins in it and could see more in the hole.
The incident took place almost as long as Mr Dariusz found two silver coins, and Mr Dariusz did not know Mr Winter.
According to the rules for detecting and discovering treasures, anything over three coins is considered \"hoard \"--
This means that it must be announced to the organizers.
The area must be cleaned up and jointly claimed by four men and then they are worked alone.
They said they had to fight the competition and admitted that competition became \"absolutely fierce\" when the news of discovery spread through the festival \".
Detectives from all over the world who attend the festival come to have a look, four due coins of one coin after another.
Mr. Winter, a forklift and crane driver from bright, said: \"I turned around my machine and all the silver coins on the screen came in on the 16th --
This is a silver coin that has been hammered.
The other signal I got was 21.
It went to Ting, Ting, and it sounds completely different from anything else.
I shouted, \"Gold, Gold!
He said that 545 silver coins are still being analyzed, but it is likely to be worth between 20 and 50 ($25 to $65)each -
The less common value of about 500 ($650)each.
All the gold nobles are worth about 10,000. $130,000)
According to Mr Winter, each has one.
The discovery is believed to be the largest gold reserve found since the discovery of 52 mid-17th century coins in West Yorkshire high aksworth in 2011.
This is also the largest silver reserve found since the discovery of 617 early 10 century coins near Harrogate, North Yorkshire in 2007.
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