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full body scanner makes debut at atlantic city international airport

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
Traveling through Atlantic City International Airport now, full body scanners are faster and safer, officials said.
On Tuesday, the South Jersey traffic administration (SJTA)—
Owner and operator of Atlantic City International Airport
Traffic Safety Administration (TSA)
A new passenger checkpoint, including the subway, was opened.
Formed full body scanner.
Thomas K. Said: \"This technology will not only increase our security posture, maintain our security posture, but also increase the additional throughput of checkpoints without sacrificing any of our security technologies.
Coury, director of federal securityS.
Department of Homeland Security Traffic Safety Administration.
New body scans and updated x-are presented by airport and TSA officials-
A ray machine for passenger items and metal detectors.
By the summer, Coury said, the existing checkpoints will also be updated using the same equipment to expand the three lanes to five lanes.
Full body scan-
Or advanced imaging technology (AIT)—
Metal and non-metal screens for passengers
Metal \"threats\", including weapons, explosives, and a roll of lifeguard candy on Tuesday.
But shy vacationers don\'t have to worry.
Scanning is optional.
Customers who are not interested in scanning can still do \"thorough scanning\" through metal detectors \". ”The machine —
Among them, together with other security devices, paid by TSA-
Scan the person who walked through it, but it only shows a generic \"cookie cutter\" image on the screenno specifics.
If there is no \"abnormality\" on the traveler\'s body, the Green \"OK\" is displayed on the screen \".
\"In the area where the object is found, any object still on the person is marked with a yellow square, so that TSA officials know where to look.
\"It doesn\'t eliminate the pat, but, as you can see, it greatly reduces the need for a full-body pat or a pat at any time,\" said Cully.
\"We find that once a person has passed [
Full body scanner
After that, they like to pass them because it\'s too fast.
When a passenger stands in a scanner
It takes a few seconds.
Waves bounce from their bodies.
When it comes to the security of the machine, Coury said that AIT sends out 1,000 times less energy than the suggested level and 10,000 times lower than ordinary mobile phones.
From pregnant women to passengers with brackets, anyone is safe during a full body scan.
Airport director Thomas Rafter said the latest security measures are helping the airport
Funding for updated floor plans and structures
Prepare for the busy summer.
\"We will bring Boston, Atlanta and Chicago back to the United States. and]
Detroit, so the numbers will be great this summer, \"he said of the airport\'s upcoming travel schedule.
\"We need to improve throughput, so it\'s not only a technological advance, but also an improvement in our throughput.
\"Contact Gina Turner at gbiteria @ southjerseymedia.
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