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fat buster: \"i lost 33 kilos all by myself\" - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
For many of us, doctors are the ultimate God.
Indeed, only a doctor can save you when needed.
But for Santa chatji Bisoy, when her doctor told her that she had to live with obesity, she decided to fight overweight.
She became a qualified nutritionist and lost 33 kilograms of weight.
Here\'s her inspiring weight loss journey from fat to health . . . . . . Name: maximum body weight recorded by Sangita chatji bisoyi: 85 kg weight loss: 33Critical)
Insulin resistance, type
2 diabetes, sinus, high cholesterol, severe depression.
As a double MBA, I gave up my work and interest and started looking for solutions from doctors and nutritionists.
One day I asked the doctor my question and possible way out.
Instead of giving me hope, he sympathized with me and made me accept it.
It was a turning point in my decision to fight health issues.
Then I learned nutrition.
Have a deep understanding of the subject and eventually cure all my diseases.
My breakfast: nut egg white/commercial sambar/poha/cheese toast/peanut butter toast Lunch: Salad Grill, sabji & Dahl/dinner with fish/chicken curryMy: roti, dal & sabji/brown rice salad with vegetables dal/besan chilla/quinoa pulao with curdI eat with buttermilk/coconut water/dry fruit/bhuna chana/fruit every 2 hours
I am addicted to: once a month, I am addicted to everything I like, but I must close my mouth before 6: 30 that afternoon.
I don\'t drink or smoke, so this indulgence is not allowed.
My workout: Initially I started with an hour walk.
After reducing by 10 kilograms, I started an hour of exercise (
A mix of cardio and strength training)
A Saturday.
If I don\'t go to the gym for any reason, I will compensate for it by walking. Low-
I swear calorie recipes: protein bhurji, fried chicken, grilled fish and oats.
The fitness tips I posted are: people should not starve or not eat to lose weight.
In order to lose weight and stay healthy, you have to eat everything in moderation.
Eat a little bit every two hours to increase the BMR, which also helps you lose weight.
Your body is mostly done in the kitchen, not in the gym.
How do I stay motivated?
I often shop in order to keep myself motivated.
I bought one less dress than usual, try to let myself put on as soon as possible.
A healthy body is as necessary as food, air, or water.
How do you make sure you don\'t lose your attention?
I believe your body is worth it.
I don\'t want to go back to myself.
I keep reminding myself to stay focused.
What is the most difficult part of overweight?
Life with health problems will not only bring you physical stress, but also mental stress.
10 years later, what shape do you think you are?
I want to be an international recognized nutritionist dedicated to raising public awareness and helping people achieve a healthy body.
What is the lifestyle change you make?
I finished my breakfast within an hour after getting up.
Also, I eat every two hours.
I choose healthy food for every meal.
Salad, fruit and nuts are included in my diet.
For me, working out six days a week, an hour is a must.
I drank a lot of water.
Last but not least, I had a light dinner early.
Fat Buster: my fitness trip from 92 kg to 57 kg, what is your lowest point?
I gave up my career and interest when I was suffering from morbid obesity, had a lot of health problems and knew nothing about how to recover.
I had a miscarriage, experienced severe depression, and found myself completely useless in society and interpersonal relationships.
Lessons learned from weight loss: weight loss is not dripping numbers on weighing machines.
It\'s about choosing a healthy eating habit to make the body better and have no disease.
Weight loss is a by-product.
A big part of losing weight is believing that \"you can do it\" and realizing that it won\'t happen overnight.
Some recipes: Add a teaspoon of oil to the heated pan, and then add four proteins to the pan.
Add ground ginger, chopped green pepper and a little salt.
Mix it fully and decorate it with coriander leaves.
3 tablespoons of grilled oatmeal, add three chopped
Peppers, carrots, ginger, onions and cold green.
Batter with buttermilk.
The batter should be consistent in pouring. Then in a non-
Stick to the pot, make a dragon cat, enjoy with lowfat curd.
Stir-fry 250 grams of chicken breast and cut into strips.
Cook the chicken in a pressure cooker and take it out with a whistle.
Take a teaspoon in the heated pan and fry an onion.
Add a teaspoon of ginger after the onion is transparent
1 teaspoon of yellow ginger, garlic (haldi)
1 teaspoon of coriander (dhania)
1 teaspoon of chili powder and 1 chopped tomato.
Cook until the tomatoes soften, then add a pepper cut into strips with a boiled chicken strip and dry it for 10 minutes.
Coriander (dhania)leaves.
If you have a weight loss story that inspires others, please email us at toi. health1@gmail. com.
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