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next question: who wants 358,000 sandbags (not-so-gently used)?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-19
So what happens with the sand around the coast and surrounding houses depends on where you live.
All of this goes back to where it came from and then uses it again.
Jean boleau, a spokeswoman for gatino, said the sand was still good after the flood.
\"We will use the sand for dam work.
\"Soon, we will tell citizens how we will collect the sandbags distributed,\" he said in an email . \".
The city\'s extensive flood site requires people not to remove them for the time being. From mid-
Between April and May 8, more than 358,000 sandbags were distributed in Gatineau.
Most of them have been since May 1.
Mayor Maxim pederno on Wednesday
The city spent $36,000 for workers to carry and distribute sandbags, and another $44,000 for sandbags, says Jobin --Filling machine.
The plan is still a bit unstable.
The whole flood situation requires the city to come up with a very good plan which will take some time
There are still a few days.
Former councillor Alex Cullen, chairman of the Bell Town Neighborhood Association, went out to put bags on the coastline at a low point and estimated that his association had taken nearly 2,000 bags.
\"We are also thinking about this issue, about cleaning up,\" he said . \".
He expected that his volunteers might be asked to retrieve at least some bags and send them back to the Belltown dome where the city first handed them over.
\"We are not in a hurry to take these sandbags.
But when they leave, something is needed to replace something there, \"he said.
The bags, he says, are filled with an opening under an elevated bike lane that runs along a berm that provides flood protection.
This is the bicycle lane of the National Capital Committee, and the city and the Lido Valley Protection Bureau are also involved.
There are places near the water, where the floods have caused erosion, and sandbags are still needed to fill the areas hit by the floods, he said.
\"It obviously needs to be repaired.
Karen warns that it\'s not even once in his area Lac desschnesin-100-
The flood of years, on another occasion, may rise higher.
\"It\'s a good panic but it\'s not 100year flood.
So we have some ideas and some consequences to deal.
We may have escaped something, but you will not go back to sleep because of this.
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