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how to get through airport security with medical disabilities or equipment

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
With all the long queues, unpredictable flight schedules and the resulting anger, even the most unimpeded travelers will feel pressured to go through airport security.
If you have a disability or physical condition, your anxiety level may be higher, especially when you have to travel with special medical equipment or supplies.
To help passengers with special needs understand what they can expect during the screening process, the Traffic Safety Administration provides tips for more than 20 situations or scenarios, from traveling with service dogs to carrying diabetes drugs.
The agency also charged tolls.
Call the free hotline at TSA Cares (1-855-787-2227).
Kimberly Walton, assistant administrator for civil rights and freedom at TSA, said: \"They have information about the checkpoint and they can clarify the screening process . \".
Specially trained telephone
Center staff can help arrange assistance at the airport, which is one of the reasons TSA advises passengers or their families to contact the hotline at least 72 hours before their trip.
Still, Walton said that even with all the training TSA officials have received, travelers must realize that \"no one is better at their needs than they are.
\"Here are some tips to help you become an expert in security procedures: communication.
If your device or condition affects what you or they need to do during the screening process, please let the TSA representative know.
You can give them a notification card if you want to be more cautious (
Available for download from TSA website)
Tell them what you need. (
However, this card does not exempt you from screening. )
Know what\'s in your bag.
When you are used to carrying things with you, it is easy to forget that you have it.
Think like a stranger before you line up and see all the things that are worth mentioning.
Walton said one of the biggest challenges for security personnel emerged when passengers ignored telling TSA officials about medically necessary liquids or equipment.
Understand the liquid rules.
The necessary liquids in medicine are exempt from 3. 4-
Container limit for ounces
During the screening process, separate them from other items and inform the officer whether the liquid will be damaged by opening for inspection.
Don\'t be a hero.
If you have a problem walking or standing, or if you use mobile devices such as wheelchairs or scooters, there is no need to struggle to do more than you feel you can.
If you have a choice, it takes less time to go through a metal detector than an imaging machine.
If you can\'t stand or walk through any of them, you\'ll be shown when you take a picturedown.
Avoid metal chaos.
If you have a metal implant, you may know if it will trigger a metal detector.
Select imaging machine or pat-if you can-down instead.
Talk to your doctor before you leave.
Travelers carrying certain internal medical devices or other items such as radioactive implants may need to avoid specific types of screening.
People with oxygen should know if they can disconnect the device.
It is best to discuss these issues with your doctor in advance. Keep your cool.
Items that allow the preservation of medically necessary liquids, gels or aerosol by safety.
Unless they are frozen solids, they will be screened in the same way as liquid or gel. Stick together.
If you are traveling with a person who needs your help, whether a child or an adult with a physical or intellectual disability, you are required to be allowed to stay with this person. The special-
Travelers are required to have to go through metal detectors or imaging technology on their own, but the travel partner may accompany the person during the patdown.
Fido also needs to be screened.
Service dogs are available via metal detectors or pat-down.
Dogs can walk in front, behind or next to the owner, who will not be separated from the animals.
Pay attention to your choice.
If you have plaster or prosthetic limbs, you may be screened by the new imaging system deployed at multiple airports including Reagan National Airport.
The technology is slightly different from standard imaging machines, allowing officials to watch through the cast, for example.
Find the right line.
Some airports have routes dedicated to passengers with disabilities and medical conditions.
If not, and you expect to have trouble waiting in line, you can go through TSA care or on-site staff.
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