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stunning medieval ring found in robin hood\'s sherwood forest could bag an amateur treasure hunter £70,000

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
Sherwood Forest is known for the legend of Robin Hood
Criminals who rob the rich to the poor.
Now, an amateur treasure hunter may have found his wealth in the woodlands of Nottingham county.
A medieval ring found in the soil, dating back to the 14th century, valued at up to £ 70,000 ($87,000).
This artifact was discovered by Mark Thompson, who did his live spray.
When his metal detector rang, he had been in the famous Nottingham county woodland for 20 minutes. The 34-year-
The old man who started this hobby only 18 months ago, hoping to find something harmless --
Maybe some people throw away the money or rubbish left by the vacationers.
But when he shoveled the soil, he saw a golden flash, and after clearing the dirt around him, he found a gorgeous piece of jewelry that seemed to use precious sapphire
Mr Thompson has reported the finding and is now going through the treasure hunt process, which he hopes will eventually bring him an unexpected fortune.
He consulted the auctioneer, which they thought might be worth £ 20,000 ($25,000)and £70,000 ($87,000).
Mr. Thompson said: \"When I heard the signal, I had gone out with a group for about 20 minutes of metal detection.
I was really excited when I saw that it was gold, but I didn\'t realize how important it was at the time.
I called my friend and he came down and took a look and helped to see if there was anything else related around.
This is the discovery of a lifetime.
I never thought I \'d find something like this.
I\'m still shocked when I think about it
This is an exciting moment.
If it is really as valuable as we think it is, it will change my life completely.
\"I am renting a house now and I hope to be able to buy a house or move to a more comfortable place.
Dot Boughton, the district discovery liaison, confirmed that the ring was being tested at the British Museum and that the case had been handed over to the coroner and could therefore be formally classified as a treasure.
It is believed that the ring began in the 14th century with baby Christ engraved on one side and female saints engraved on the other.
MS Botton\'s coverage of the ring compared the stone to the stone used on the tomb of former Archbishop William White Lacey of Canterbury, who died in 1374.
Mr Thompson is now waiting for the coroner to set the date of the investigation to confirm that the ring is a treasure.
If so, it will be valued by experts and offered to the museum for purchase.
Mr Thompson will be rewarded as a discoverer.
Another amateur treasure seeker recently discovered a precious Tudor ring in North Yorkshire.
The sum of the numbers he found.
The 15th century ring is 80 gold with ruby and emerald in it.
Lee Rossiter used the cheap metal detector he bought on eBay to find the Green Hammerton Ring in North Yorkshire.
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