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stop weighing yourself: how to end a love affair with your scale

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
\"You weigh every day?
I asked for confusion.
I was a friend of the past with eating disorders, but I never had a scale.
\"Morning and evening,\" she said . \".
\"I have been doing it for many years.
\"What if you stop ? \"
Like today, what if you don\'t weigh anymore?
\"Her lower lip is tilted towards her espresso cup.
\"What are you afraid?
There was an expression on her face ---
Acknowledge what we repeat in our minds but dare not say for the ears of others.
\"What if I explode like a Airship?
She said in a low voice.
\"So the scale is great for you.
What impact do these numbers have on you?
\"Her time of the day is determined by a small number.
If she is \"heavy\" in the morning, the day begins.
She will feel happy if she is \"relaxed\", just like everything is on track.
The number of her scales tells her how she feels about herself.
They told her that she was heavy after the cake and a glass of wine.
They will roll over the next day and affect what she decides to eat or wear.
She wondered if the job or promotion she missed would be hers if she was a little thinner.
Women don\'t usually realize that our weight fluctuates within 5 pounds in a month.
Changes in hormones.
Digestion can recover.
We may blame ourselves for a large glass of water!
Many women have love on balance.
But if we measure our value by numbers, what do we measure?
If we let a number influence how we feel about ourselves, we will not let ourselves appear in our bodies.
We shut down our awareness of how we feel about our bodies.
We are out of touch with ourselves and let a number tell us what to feel.
How many times have you felt good in your body until the step on the scale immediately disappointed you?
How many times do you think you\'re a gluttonous guy just wondering why the scale doesn\'t reflect this?
In this way, if a stranger calls you an idiot, you may not lose sleep because of this.
But what would be the difference if someone around you called you?
We keep our scales close to us.
They are lifeless objects that we give the power to hurt us and control our emotions.
We cultivate dysfunctional relationships by something that doesn\'t even have a heartbeat.
When I was in the hospital a few years ago, I found myself fascinated by a quote posted on the wall.
It says: This is the scale: weighing machine.
Scale measures: Level, size, balance, range, degree, range, quantity, size and size.
Please note that this list does not include happiness, self
Respect, value, cuteness, abandonment, kindness or evil, beauty, body image, obesity, pain or reason.
A scale does not measure my love for friends or myself.
Imagine your tombstone saying: Name: X.
Weighing successfully: X. How sad.
What\'s the point?
Can a number tell us who we really are?
I invited my friend to do an experiment to test if her fears were real.
Will she explode like a small airship?
Is she at risk of losing?
A few weeks later, I did not mention this topic again and slipped in the passenger seat of her car.
She said cheerfully, \"I didn\'t weigh this week . \"
\"That\'s great,\" I said. \"So what?
\"It\'s a liberation,\" she said with a smile . \"
Over the next few months, she has set up a system to weigh herself once a week on a scheduled day.
\"I used this scale as a punishment or reward,\" she told me . \".
\"Now, I get rid of the numbers that affect me all day.
\"Do you want to be free ? \"
Throw away your scale.
Dramatically burn it in the front yard (
Safe of course).
If this idea leads to a mild heart attack, start with the baby stage.
Reduce the number of times you weigh yourself.
Put your scale in the drawer so it doesn\'t get in every time you walk into the room.
Build a system like my friend, weighing only once a week.
Fluctuations are part of our normal physical life.
Let\'s not bother each of them.
We ended a relationship on our scale, just like we did with any relationship. And then. . . STOP IT.
Don\'t call it yourself.
Stop cold turkey or baby steps stop.
Try it yourself. Take a breath. GO. With Love, Z :)
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