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missouri woman who put bra in x-ray machine put on leave

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
Roast chicken breast. (AP)—
A Missouri prison employee said she wore her underwear bra through X-
After the implementation of the new safety measures, the shooting machine.
Charlotte Harding said she had to take off her bra because it detonated a metal detector at the county detention center in Kansas.
Through X-
She said the factory had her on leave in June and she said underwear could not be X-rayed.
She said she had not yet received a return date.
\"This woman has worked for this county for 20 years.
\"She deserves something better than this,\" says Catherine Myers, a lawyer at Harding . \".
\"It\'s hard for her.
\"Some women say there is gender discrimination in the new security measures implemented in county prisons.
About 75 female lawyers and supporters stood on the steps of the County Court last month chanting: \"We need support!
\"At the time, the protesters said that when their bra started the metal detector, they had to remove the bra or meet the customer over the phone, separated by windows.
Lawyers say it is discriminatory because male lawyers are not affected.
Miles filed a complaint of gender discrimination and retaliation with the Missouri Human Rights Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.
\"This is an issue of equality,\" Myers told KCUR . \".
Last month Darryl Fort é, the county\'s sheriff, said the misinformation about the screening process had spread.
\"Everyone needs to go through a metal detector,\" he said . \".
\"No one was asked to take off the underwear bra.
\"But lawyer Laurie Snell said that in addition to her shoes and jewelry, she was expected to throw her bra into the bin of the security door when she went to prison.
\"I walked into the bathroom, took it off and threw it into the bin.
On my way to the seventh floor to meet my client, I twisted back into the elevator.
Why am I doing this? \" Snell said.
\"All men have to do is take off their belts and shoes.
\"It\'s not just about lawyers, it\'s about women,\" Miles said . \"
Diana Turner, director of the County Corrections Department, said last month that the security agreement was designed to prevent smuggling of weapons and contraband into the facility.
She added that her staff did not comply with the new policy.
Neither Fort é nor Turner immediately responded to requests for comment from KCUR on Friday.
Information from: KCUR-
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