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key witness stand off, recurring delays stall forgotten krejcir case

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
On the sixth floor of the Harden High Court in Johannesburg, in a gangster murder that was forgotten by most people, there was a slow
The continued confrontation and delay cost taxpayers millions of dollars.
In addition to armed guards and metal detectors, four men, including Czech criminals and former underworld boss radouwan krishir, stand trial for the 2013 attack on Lebanese drug dealer Sam Isa aka heisam or \"lame Sam.
On Saturday morning, Isa was shot dead outside the Bedford center with a black Audi q7.
Read: \"lame, loose --
Serbia and the drug deal went wrong-
Excerpts from Krejcir, the trial of this book has been in front of Judge Winston Msimeki for a full two years and has been delayed dozens of times, and so far more than 50
Every day, the accused arrived at the court in a fleet of armored vehicles, with blue lights flashing on the streets of Pritchard.
At the time of the trial room 6E, at least 40 heavily armed correctional officers and SA Police officers were deployed, and journalists and the public must pass through x-
Get access to the machine.
Due to the poor health of Krejcir, there were many delays, some due to various applications made by the defendants and also to conflicts in the lawyer\'s diary.
Now a key witness in the state appears to be digging his heel and refusing to return to the stand.
This situation has led to the continued delay in the trial, frustrating the accused and his counsel.
Lucky Mokoena, a self
The Killers and robbers who have been admitted have been testifying for the prosecution of Krejcir and his associatesaccused.
These include Siboniso Miya aka \"zuluboy\", Nkanyiso Mafunda and Simphiwe Memela, also known as \"baba ka jesu \".
Lyubomir \'Mike \'Grigorov, the fifth accused Bulgarian, also became a national witness.
Grigorov spent more than 30 days on the witness stand at the intersectionexamination.
Another key player, not his real name Jacob Naré, is also waiting to testify.
Forensic counsel Paul sullivan has included him in the witness protection program in dispute and is then abandoned by the police.
Sullivan has since been protecting him.
Mokoena has completed his main evidence and will now be crossedexamined.
It is understood that under Article 204 of the code of criminal procedure, he received a transaction that, if the court found it appropriate, would cause him to receive compensation from the prosecution in this case in exchange for his testimony.
However, the person involved in the matter said that Mokoena was unhappy that he had lost his appeal in a separate house robbery case and issued him an arrest warrant for that.
However, it appears that the prosecution authorities are seeking full compensation from the NPA, but this has not been confirmed.
Pindi Mjonondwane, a NPA spokesman, said Mokona remained a state witness and was expected to return to the witness again on Wednesday. In his evidencein-
Chief Minister Mokoena testified how he was introduced to Krejcir by Glenn Agliotti, a convicted drug dealer and businessman.
He explained how Krejcir asked Mokoena to Rob Issa\'s House and then kill the Lebanese after stealing his guns and jewelry.
Grigorov also testified before how the robbery happened two weeks before the death of Isa.
Four men, dressed in balaclavas, forcibly entered Isa\'s house and covered his head with a hood and cable --
Tie his arms and legs and hit him.
His attacker took AK-
47 and other guns.
Mokoena also testified how he appeared at bedir ir\'s Money Point store in Bedford Devi when he allegedly directed the accused to shoot Issa, and the person in charge
He was further implicated in Agliotti, claiming that he was present when Krejcir directed the killing of Issa at a party to \"celebrate\" the attack.
Agliotti strongly denied that he had any involvement and that he introduced Mokoena to Krejcir.
In an interview last year, Agliotti said he was at the Money Point on Friday afternoon before Isa was killed.
\"It was like a Friday afternoon when they were drinking vodka and I had a double espresso.
I said goodbye to them and left.
Very friendly, like eating, kissing and hugging.
Very friendly, no hostility, nothing.
It is at four o\'clock P. M. in the afternoon;
They used to drink all night.
I left and I heard from the news the next morning, so I called Krejcir and said God, what happened to Sam?
Can you believe it, he said?
I said, \'What happened, \'and he said he did not know;
He wants his people to know.
Agliotti said he was interviewed by the Eagle about the murder.
In addition, Sibiya, former captain of the hauden Eagles, denied all Krejcir corruption charges, \"I was interviewed by the Hawks at Sandton police station.
The eagle called me in.
I came back from Swazi.
I got a call from Colonel Eagle and I said, no problem.
He said he wanted to interview me about Isa, Krishna and Moona.
I asked them what they wanted.
\"He said, \'Lucky mocona \'.
I said Lucky Mokoena is two.
So he wanted to get me involved. He\'s a hustler.
He has 60 cases against him-drugs, theft-all sorts of shit.
You will always see him driving the best Ferrari but he cheated you.
If you look at his case, they are either robbery or armed robbery.
\"Mokoena\'s allegations were made to ensure that the lawyer for freedomKrejcir had previously stated that they believed Mokoena had brought them in order to ensure his freedom.
The defendants denied the charges against them and are expected to call several witnesses to defend them.
However, this may mean that the trial will continue for several years.
Prosecutors are still waiting to complete the trial, and then they start another case involving a plot to assassinate Paul sullivan and the former president.
Police at the 2014 Ximba Nkosana \"killer.
At the same time, it is possible for Krejcir to be extradited to the Czech Republic, a separate procedure.
Last year, the Kempton Park security court ruled that Krejcir could be extradited, and it is now up to the Minister of Justice and Corrections to decide his fate.
Krejcir is currently working for 35-
In 2015, he was sentenced to one year in prison for attempted murder and kidnapping.
Ironically, compared to Tigon\'s charge of Gary Porritt\'s next-door trial facing more than 3 000 fraud charges, this long-standing issue of The 6E tribunal dwarfs, extortion and violation of the Income Tax Act, the company law and the Securities and Exchange Administration Act.
The case has been in court since 2002 and is still pending.
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