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improving quality of life for thousands in india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
Cooley Vintage Day celebrates a lifestyle and farming tradition that is now in history when work is hard and men and women charge in the fields.
However, for Dundalk man Andrew McElroy, this scene is a familiar one, as it is the way of life where he has lived in India for eight years.
However, for Dundalk man Andrew McElroy, this scene is a familiar one, as it is the way of life where he has lived in India for eight years.
Andrew took part in the retro day to promote the development of society for the poor, SPPD, a self
He helped set up charities in Tamil Nadu in southern India.
Since its inception, SPPD has helped thousands of people in the Trish region to improve their lives.
Poverty is the norm where men and boys are forced to immigrate to the city for months at a time and often bring back AIDS with serious consequences for their families and communities.
Women are considered second-class citizens and have a high rate of infanticide against baby girls.
Illiterate, children often receive very little education because teachers often leave their classes unattended for a long time because they earn money elsewhere to repay their loan work.
SPPD provides an opportunity for 100,000 people living in six villages in Trichi District to live a better life.
The projects carried out included the establishment of a community center and women\'s shelter, where their culture was expelled to the wilderness every month when they had a menstrual boom because they were considered unclean.
Andrew said: \"This sanctuary was built with eco-friendly basking bricks, which were made by local men and they were trained to use the brick making machines we purchased.
This creates a whole new industry for the region, providing jobs for 70 people
Two people who have learned new skills
SPPD also participated in the establishment of an organic farm to provide training on organic farming methods for 235 local farmers.
Special immersion pits have been built for irrigation, and it is during the construction of one of them that a granite vein has been found.
It was then mined to build the bullpen.
In addition to planting grass to feed cattle, farmers also grow peppers, sugar cane and peanuts and participate in the re-planting
Afforestation plan.
\"We also have a tuition center where children can attend classes at night and have a female self
Groups that help them get jobs and build their own businesses.
\"While SPPD has already received funding from the Irish aid and the United Nations Development Fund, Andrew himself has raised most of the money.
This year, he is organizing a sponsored walk in northern Spain, from Friday, October 29 to Friday, 22nd, along the road to Santiago de conposta.
Pilgrims have been on this road for more than 1000 years (el camino)
Santiago de Compostela, where it is considered holy.
The Apostle Jacob was buried.
Those who wish to join Andrew\'s walk are asked to find sponsorship for 1,000 or more to help continue the work of SPPD.
The 100 km-kilometer walk will be divided into five stages, departing from Saria and completed in San Diego.
From Dublin to San Diego, a limited number of seats have been booked through London Heathrow for £ 334. (
Estimated tax reported)A non-
By August 22, the refund deposit was 100 and the full amount was 15 th September. There are hotels along the way to facilitate those who complete each stage in full.
This is sponsored by the Spanish government.
However, hotel accommodation can be arranged for anyone who needs it.
More information can be obtained from Cathriona, including sponsorship cards and detailed maps of each stage on foot.
Tumulty @ centretravel. ieTel 042-
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