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i am not running away, will fight back: ashok gehlot

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
When a person enters \"mukhya Mantri awas\" on eight civilian lines in Jaipur, a darkness is obvious.
When one enters the palatial compound, the usual reinforced safety and metal detectors are not there.
In the desolate CM House, a small group of long-faced tourists are waiting to comfort the outgoing chief minister, who will be transferred to the current residence of Tourism Minister Bina Kak-48 Civil Lines
When asked about the unexpected degree of voting failure, a visitor was desperate, \"Vikas (development)has no buyers.
The other one joined in and said, \"now --a-
Everything depends on marketing.
\"In the visitor\'s lounge, there are several photos of the congressional SS.
Soon, the founders of RSS and BJP will replace them.
However, there is a fine bronze sculpture --Vatsalya —
Presented by Padmshri sculptor Arun Prajapati on the right side of the CM chamber.
As usual, Gehlot reluctantly agreed to talk to TOI, however, his views must be primarily opposed to the \"sinister\" campaign launched by the BJP and \"endorsed\" by the media \", oppose the government\'s infrastructure development and social security plan.
He had a detailed conversation with Akhilesh Kumar Singh of TOI.
Extract . . . . . . What do you expect from your future role in Congress?
I did not run away.
We will fight back.
People are often driven by emotional and temporary problems that don\'t last long.
Since the results of the election came out, we have started to prepare for the election of sabsabha.
The party\'s top command will decide how I can contribute, but our agenda is to win as many seats as possible in the Lok Sabha poll.
Is it also in Rajasthan?
Can\'t answer.
The results showed that the youth rejected Congress.
Several congressional candidates won more votes than they did last time, but they lost?
I feel sorry for today\'s young people who seem inconsistent and are easily manipulated by cheap gimmicks from leaders like Narendra Modi.
Unfortunately, youth seem to be driven by community and sectarian forces.
The theme of Modi\'s politics is poisonous.
This is not in the national interest at all.
However, young people have shown a tendency to rely on these factors.
I think this is our failure, and we should build a platform for young people to understand the greater interest and value of the country in secularism and socialism.
We will fight the cancer politics of BJP leaders.
Our young people need to know what is right and what is wrong.
You claim that Congress lost because of the movement of the People\'s Party to mislead people in governance.
Do you think people will be affected by any established movement in this era?
There are problems such as inflation and rising prices.
When Congress leads the national government, we naturally face the anger of the people.
In addition, it will take time for any welfare initiative to reach people.
Dividends are mainly reflected after the effective implementation of the Social Security plan.
But the leader of the BJP has fallen to a very low level, something that has never happened.
Leaders like Narendra Modi talked about our senior leaders and government policies.
Social media is used as a tool to mislead people.
The movement in which people are affected is consistent and we are adversely affected.
On the other hand, we have confidence in our plans and we want people to recognize what we have done in the last five years.
What you\'re talking about is the cheap campaign for BJP leaders, can you point out a few?
I was hurt by the way BJP leaders talked about GandhiNehru family.
So many families have been made for this country, and a lot of slander has been done.
They lost their lives.
Since the assassination of Rajiv Gan, the family has no place in government.
Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have worked hard to strengthen Congress and keep the party united.
They don\'t need electricity.
They are greatly respected by congressional workers and the people of the country.
This is their strength. Congress survived and remains the largest party in the country. India presence.
Vasundhara Raje says she will focus on the long term
Semester policy, no free gifts at all.
Do you think it is wrong for you to announce Dores in the last year of your term?
Over the past five years, the development of the country has been enormous.
I am satisfied as head of government.
IIT, IIM, Central University, refinery, these infrastructure projects can\'t be completed in six months as the BJP leaders claim, and now part of the media is writing the same
\"Export of jute ghise to aai refinery \"(
I worked a lot after the refinery could be achieved).
Only Social Security programs such as pensions, laptops, blankets, and saris have been introduced recently.
But other states have implemented such a plan. You can\'t say it\'s free or charitable.
A government must morally empower the poor and the poor.
Are you worried that the next government will give up some of your plans?
We will continue to press the government.
We\'re here to monitor.
Moreover, Social Security is humanitarian and it will not be ignored by any government.
I expect that the new government will focus on growth and will not be partisan about incomplete projects.
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