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\'entrance into the future\': potato packer gets $1m acoa loan for upgrades

by:Kenwei      2019-09-14
A potato Packers in Eastern P. E. I.
It is expanding its business through loans from ACOA.
Loro Bay Holdings, which has grown potatoes for 70 years, will upgrade its processing and packaging equipment through a $1,045,045 ACOA loan.
\"It is clear that this is the entrance to the future,\" said Ray Keenan, one of the owners of Rolo Bay Holdings.
Our consumers today and our customers demand more knowledge about their products.
It goes back to food safety, where food safety comes from.
All of this, more importantly, is supplied and delivered on time and on a year-round basis.
\"New equipment includes countries-of-the-
Art techniques for detecting metals and other foreign bodies
Rays of any internal foreign matter and defects, as well as optical Potato grading system.
ACOA said in a press release that the investment will enable the company to focus on product development of higher value.
The upgrade will also create skilled positions for workers and allow Rolo Bay holdings to raise environmental standards in operation by reducing waste, water and energy use.
Keenan says you can\'t manage it if you can\'t measure it, and it will also allow companies to plan for the future.
\"It has huge information capabilities for things coming from it, different grades and sizes,\" Keenan said . \".
\"So now we can use it to create data that will tell us in five years what has been done in this area?
Should we plant potatoes or not?
What did it produce?
How much size do we have from that venue?
Is the size right?
When you try to measure the efficiency of an acre of potatoes, all of these issues are very important.
\"If you can\'t measure it, you can\'t manage it, it\'s a measuring tool, and it\'s one of the things we\'re going to get the most out of the way. \" MORE P. E. I.
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