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automated waste detector

by:Kenwei      2019-08-22
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18060321070 introduction in today\'s era, the bage problem has become one of the most serious global problems.
According to a report published by Nature, by the end of the century (2100)
The daily production of garbage will reach 11 million tons.
This will be three times the rate of garbage production at the time of the 2010 report.
The increase in the amount of garbage is not so much a problem as keeping it open and undisposed.
Even if the speed of global production of garbage touches the sky, if there is an efficient system 1), it will not pose a threat. Dispose 2)Treat and 3)Re-
Use garbage wisely.
Unfortunately, it is too late to take separate steps to address such a wide range of global issues.
This gives us the idea of creating a mechanized way to efficiently dispose of garbage or effectively dispose of it.
This idea is the starting point of our journey.
We start by collecting ideas to solve this problem.
Some of the ideas we initially came up with have been described as follows: 1)
One way plastic crushing handles plastic is to crush and re-crush the plasticusing it.
So we watched the following two videos :-
Each of these two videos has an audio
How to make visual representation of plastic shredder.
We want to make a plastic shredder with the aim of making the collection process of plastic easier.
Now, the question is how can it be easier to collect plastic through a plastic shredder?
The volume of plastic waste is very large.
The plastic shredder will help to crush the plastic into smaller pieces.
As a result, the total amount of plastic collected will be reduced and will help to collect and process more plastic.
The problem with this is that if installed in SSLA, at the university level, then it is difficult to inform the students
The type of plastic to be chopped and the type of plastic to avoid.
Because even under the wide category of plastic, there are multiple children
Type, which needs different processing according to its properties. 2)
The next solution to the waste management problem is to create a smart bin.
The smart trash can we envision will have sensors that automatically detect the type of waste that users throw into the trash.
Next, it will use the data of the waste type and dispose of the respective waste into the specific type of bins it will use.
Since these solutions are for basic prototypes, we decided to stick to the most basic version of smart bin that we can find.
We found the video mentioned below :-
The video shown above shows the school program for two children.
They made an automatic garbage separator.
The machines shown in the video use arduino and flap mechanisms to separate wet and dry waste into two separate compartments. 3)
What better way to re-print using melted plastic as 3D printed ink
Recycled plastic is better than turning it into something new.
So we found a video showing a machine that melted the plastic and attached it to the 3D printing machine.
The video is attached below: The video shows the negative effects of the plastic and then demonstrates how to put the plastic into the melting part of the machine.
Then enter the design of the model into the 3D printer.
The machine will then use the melted plastic as the ink for 3D printing and create a 3D model of the design that is entered into it.
The problem with this is that we are considering creating a basic prototype in about 2 months.
3 days a week, 3 hours a day.
It is not enough to finish the project this time.
From a utilitarian point of view, it is not very useful either.
Not everyone can afford a 3D printer, it\'s clear that plastic melt splitters will also be in the middlerange priced. Q1)
What is the problem, why do we choose it?
The inclusion of other types of waste in the bin can cause several problems, all of which are due to pollution that reduces the quality of recycled paper and plastic products.
We have observed as a three-person group that there are a lot of people who don\'t care about the type of bin and they are throwing their products.
For example, a person throws a wet jar in a dry bin and vice versa.
So the problem we found was that the garbage was put in the wrong bin and people didn\'t realize it was full.
When we see the problem of improper garbage disposal, the idea of the waste separator begins.
Improper disposal of garbage can lead to insect breeding, release of harmful gases, difficulties in garbage collection and health hazards, and lead to a series of further problems.
So we think that if we can\'t manipulate people to do the right thing, we can manipulate machines to do the right thing.
Solution to prevent this situation we chose to make a waste separator that can identify the type of waste put in, and finally put the waste into the correct bin through our mechanism, this will reduce labor costs and the wrong waste to enter the bin, and the recycling of paper and plastic products is becoming easier and easier.
After an in-depth study on the Internet, we found that many others do have ideas similar to ours and try to create bins, detect different types of waste and further classify them.
As part of this project, we decided to insist on testing different types of waste.
We are trying to create a mechanism where the bin first detects something in my body, then wet or dry, then metal or non-metallicmetal waste.
We decided to make an infrared sensor, a metal detector and a moisturizer detector.
We decided to make an infrared sensor to help people identify if the bins are full and if the bins are full, we will display the lights.
Secondly, we decided to do a metal detector to prevent people from putting the metal garbage in the wrong bin and buzzing if they wanted to and showing it through the lights, they will understand that this is not the right bin.
Finally, we decided to make a moisturizer detector to detect wet waste and dry waste, so that if a person puts wet waste in a dry bin, there will be a light display, this indicates that the waste is placed on the wrong one. Q2)
What are we planning to do?
We originally planned to create a waste separator that could identify the following types of waste --
Wet scrap, metal, plastic, paper and other dry scrap.
We have designed a detection machine that uses arduino to detect its type.
After testing, we separated five structures for the collection of appropriate waste.
These structures can be manually removed from the machine like a bin for recycling, or used for organic compost and other reusable structures.
The design of the structure is mainly to place waste in electronic equipment.
The bin will be detected and once it is detected, it will pass through a vertical tunnel or Dustin, where it is first detected whether it is metal or non-metallic
Metal happens.
If it is detected that the waste is metal, then if it is detected that the waste is not metal, it will let the waste go through the end of the tunnel and isolate it in the metal dustin
It will then pass the next test, whether it\'s dry or wet waste, and if it detects it\'s wet waste, then it will be isolated into the wet bin, if not, it will eventually detect whether the dry waste is plastic or paper, or neither.
Once found, the waste will be isolated into the bin below.
Later, once the bin structure is filled, it will signal to remove it from the emaildustbin. Q3)
What the hell have we done?
It\'s hard for us to find a way to test paper and plastic.
So we ended up making the same model but detected wet, dry and metal waste.
Use an infrared sensor to detect the presence of the object at the beginning of the detection and whether the structure of the bin is full; Metal and non-
Metal waste detection using metal detectors, and finally wet waste and dry waste detection using moisture sensors.
Arduino is required for both metal and infrared sensors, while moisture sensors can be pinM S}
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