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at 11th hour, congress debates plastic gun ban

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
D printers are increasingly able to produce plastic weapons, and the House voted Tuesday to update 25-year-
The old ban bans metal detectors and X-ray machines.
The House passed a bill extending the law on the prohibition of carrying guns for another ten years.
The Senate may vote on the bill next week, when the bill will
Thanksgiving holiday week
The law will expire the next day.
Some Senate Democrats are trying to amend the law to require at least one metal part of the plastic gun to ignite it.
However, as the National Rifle Association opposes this measure, it is very likely that the House bill will be passed without the change of the Senate, especially in the election year, many lawmakers prefer to avoid a new fight around gun legislation. Rep.
Virginia Democrat Robert Scott said the passage of Tuesday\'s bill \"should not be interpreted as the new 10-year ban. Sen.
Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat who supported gun reform laws this year, promised to pass legislation to fill what he and others call dangerous loopholes.
Just before the vote on Tuesday, the NRA issued a statement expressing opposition to the expansion of any law, including its application to the development of magazines, gun parts or new technologies.
\"Another group, the conservative gun owner in the United States, opposes the renewal of the law, saying it will not stop criminals who intend to print weapons.
\"It took them a year to try to effectively destroy the gun lobby,\" said Mike Hammond, the group\'s legislative adviser, when it came to Democrats.
\"So, given this stubborn attitude, why should we give them this Christmas gift in the name of heaven?
\"Airport X is banned by expired law-no guns found
Or metal detectors.
To meet this requirement, today\'s plastic gun usually comes with a metal part that can be disassembled and is not necessary for the function of the weapon.
Lawmakers and law enforcement officials have long feared that technological advances could lead to the production of guns without any metal, and in 1988, the ban on such weapons was first passed under President Reagan.
It has been updated twice since then. Today 3-
D The printer can repeatedly spray a thin layer of plastic or other material to make objects from toys to auto parts to medical devices.
Companies, researchers and amateurs are using them more and more, and technology is constantly improving. The use of 3-
D. The printer that made the gun received a high degree of attention when the Texas University law school student Cody Wilson posted a blueprint for using the printer to make the Liberator pistol online, he said he designed
Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed, an advocate 3-
He said the State Department ordered the orders to be revoked two days later because of alleged violations of arms export controls.
By then, the plans have been downloaded more than 100,000 times and are still available in the file --
Sharing the website, he said.
\"If you want to do this, it\'s clear that you, your computer, and your 3-D printer.
\"Anyone can make this gun,\" Wilson said Monday . \".
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that manage the manufacture and sale of firearms, 3-
The price of the D printer ranges from $1,000 to $500,000, but it can also be rented.
Earlier this year, the ATF tested two plastic guns with different plastics using Wilson\'s design.
One of the weapons exploded at launch.
Eight rounds were fired for the second time before the ATF stopped testing.
Democrats are reluctant to oppose revival and angry allies who support the extension of the ban, although they tend to demand permanent metal parts that make it easier for plastic guns to be found.
\"We can\'t let a minute, an hour or a day pass without extending the ban,\" said Brian Mart, director of Brady\'s Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
He said the group\'s strong concern about the supply of plastic guns \"has no reason to delay the update \".
Schumer said he would seek prompt action by the Senate on extending the ban and tightening restrictions.
\"The House bill is better than nothing, but not good enough,\" Schumer said on Monday . \".
He and other critics argue that the current law allows the removal of removable metal parts before guns pass through metal detectors.
But many believe that the Senate will accept the House bill because of the upcoming deadline and the Democratic senator\'s desire to re-apply.
Republican elections next year
In the new battle of gun control, the United States tends to avoid difficult voting.
This measure is being debated as it approaches the first anniversary of the massacre in last December. 14 of 20 first-
Grade students and six staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
The shootings prompted President Obama and his gun control allies to expand background checks and other restrictions that Senate Republicans suppressed in last April.
AP reporter Alan Fram contributed to the report.
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