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aavin goes in for repackaging

by:Kenwei      2019-09-13
In sync with the times, Aavin recently launched a new package for its popsicle.
In the place of the old carton sometimes it gets wet and the pet they come in now-
The BOPP laminated food grade bag is easy to handle and does not leak or break.
Sources from the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Association (commonly known as Aavin) said the change was due to consumer feedback.
The federal Ambattur dairy carried out renovations at the expense of Rs.
65 lakh, including machinery for improving packaging.
Rs in total.
Forty lakh and Rs went to renovate the buildings.
Move forward to the new machine.
This decoration, kuaavin is able to increase production from 1,200 kg to 1,500 kg days, ice cream combinations from 650 to 1,800 liters, Rod varieties from 8,000 to 15,000, probiotics lassi from 6,000 cups to 10,000 cups, probiotic condensed milk and yogurt range from 1,000 to 6,000 cups. V.
The Minister for Dairy Development, who recently launched new packaging equipment, also inspected the upcoming building at a cost of Rs. 18 crore.
Upon completion, the new building will increase the production capacity of paneer and ice cream to 1 ton per day, and the production of ice cream will reach 15,000 liters.
The minister also introduced a new kulfi variant
Long cappuccino-that costs Rs.
30 per person with kesar and pista, badam and cashew nuts. A.
Miller, chairman of the association, Sunil Paliwal, general manager of Aavin and R.
Gajalakshmi, co-general manager, attended the meeting.
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