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[Weightlessness scale] What is the working principle of the weightlessness scale and how does the weightlessness scale obtain flow?

by:Kenwei      2021-07-16
Weightlessness scale is a kind of weighing equipment used for discontinuous feeding and continuous discharging on the production line. It is often used to control the batching of fine materials such as cement, lime powder, and coal powder. Weightlessness scales can reduce labor costs on the assembly line and improve production efficiency. They are now recognized and used by more and more companies. So what is the working principle of weightlessness scales and how does weightlessness scale obtain traffic? Let's take a look now! ! ◆The working principle of the weightlessness scale Before we understand the principle of the weightlessness scale, let's briefly look at the structure of the weightlessness scale: the weightlessness scale has: feed gate, weighing hopper, agitator, discharge device, weighing sensor, measurement control Components of the device. The main function of the feed gate is to feed the weighing hopper. The function of the weighing hopper is the carrier of heavy materials. The function of the agitator is to assist the discharge of materials with poor fluidity. The main function of the discharge device is to discharge the weighing hopper. The bulk material weighing sensor inside converts the weight signal of the material into an electrical signal for output. The metering control device controls and measures the feeding rate, conveying volume, etc., and the functions of these parts are introduced. Let's introduce the weightlessness. The working principle of the scale will be much easier, the working principle of the weightless scale. In the work, the weightless scale first weighs the discharging device and the weighing hopper, and compares the actual feeding rate with the set feeding rate according to the weight loss per unit time, so as to control the discharging device to make the actual feeding rate Always accurately meet the set value, in the short-time feeding process, the discharging device uses gravity to make the control signal stored during the working period work according to the volumetric principle. During the weighing process, the weight of the material in the weighing hopper is converted into an electric signal by the load cell and sent to the weighing instrument. The weighing instrument compares and judges the calculated material weight with the preset upper and lower weight limits. The feed gate is controlled by PLC to feed the weighing hopper intermittently. At the same time, the weighing instrument compares the calculated actual feeding rate (discharge flow rate) with the preset feeding rate, and uses PID adjustment to control the discharging device so that the actual feeding rate accurately tracks the set value . When the feed gate is opened to feed the weighing hopper, the control signal locks the feed rate and performs volumetric discharge. The weighing instrument displays the actual feed rate and the cumulative weight of the discharged material. This is the principle of a weightlessness scale. ◆How does weightlessness scale obtain flow? Weightlessness scale is very important to obtain flow rate, because obtaining flow rate is the basis for accurate measurement of products. The internal algorithm of such equipment and meters performs control calculations and output adjustments that approach the target flow rate during use. Signal to control the inverter and so on. Let's take a look at how the weightlessness scale obtains flow. The weightlessness scale will effectively use its weighing hopper and feeding mechanism as its entire scale body during use. When in use, it will sample the weight signal through the continuous symmetrical body of the meter, so that the weight loss can be effectively calculated. The change ratio of the scale in unit time can be used as its instantaneous flow. This is how the weightless scale obtains traffic. In the future, more and more companies will choose the weightless scale. If you have any questions about the weightless scale, please contact us.
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