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smarter security right under the (dog\'s) nose

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
The dog\'s nose is a necessary condition for sniffing out explosives.
In addition, it allows people to quickly understand possible threats.
Custom bark from trust
Fido trained in the K9 team can do both.
But how can technology be used to simulate this situation and spread it widely?
The famous Advanced Research Project Department of National Defense (
DARPA, the originator of the Internet)
A few years ago, in order to stimulate researchers to find a technology that matches the dog, a \"dog\'s nose project\" was held \".
The program was successful.
At least one company has been successful using the cool MIT chemistry (
More information about this).
Many others have learned a lot about building high-rise buildings.
Technical sensors in this area. Now what?
So what about something really useful like intelligent explosion detection?
Or more generally, just smart security?
Our world is full of \"smart\" technologies.
Products and plans centered on smartphones, smart buildings, smart cars, smart roads, smart grids.
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It is reasonable to ask whether the brain that brings us an amazing computing and communications technology revolution has always been closely related to the safety of airlines.
Is it possible in the era of Google, iphone, GPS, netbook, Twitter, cloud computing? -
The list continues. -
The best service we can offer is the promise of better programs to \"connect points\", metal detectors and x-
A few decades ago, light machines emerged first as a security portal?
Intelligent security is possible.
The key part is available or emerging--
DARPA\'s dog nose project and many similar initiatives have witnessed this.
While new technology cannot be replaced, it can effectively amplify the important role of human intelligence collection, training and cutting-edgeLine program.
The architecture of intelligent security looks like intelligent communication. Intelligent communication is of course what we call the Internet.
Both are based on the same three building blocks: small and convenient terminals
Use devices, powerful software that is intuitive and easy to use, and a communication network that seamlessly and reliably connects everything together.
Two of the three architecture components of intelligent security have been firmly established: cheap and powerful communication networks and software tools.
It is a small and convenient sensor on the front line that is only now mature.
A bomb sensor that is as useful as an iPhone will capture Christmas twit before he gets on a plane to Detroit.
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We have seen a large number of visual sensors and security cameras that can see both visible light and infrared light. (
Software that implements automatic threat recognition activities or people is still a weak link, but this is coming. )
The key components that are basically missing at the safety front are chemical, biological, explosive, and radioactive sniffing ---not stand-
Individually, but as an embedded part of the landscape and equipment around any security point, it is fully integrated into automatic and non-noticeable connection points.
While trained dogs can recognize the faint smell of hidden explosives, it is unrealistic to have a faithful, panting four dogs
Each entrance has a leg sensor.
Similarly, when scientists can detect anything in enough time and in the lab-
The problem is clearly the time factor and the location of the lab.
But today\'s semiconductor and nanotechnology allow laboratories to be built on chips.
The premature hype of the nanotech revolution has reduced people\'s understanding of what is now quietly emerging, most of which are for industrial, commercial and medical applications (
Consider the sensor-
A pill full of wisdom that a patient can swallow).
Emerging smart sensors can match dogs-
Some people do things that dogs can\'t do, such as sniffing in the distance, or being vigilant 24 hours a day.
Many people get cheap enough and small enough to be useful on the front line.
This is the last problem to realize intelligent security.
Related sensors and systems have just emerged from university and corporate labs.
Some of them will come from familiar industrial giants and their highly capable R & D departments, including GE, Smith, L-
Communications, Raytheon and semmerfisher.
Just like in the consumer technology revolution, we often find small companies that are thriving in innovation;
Companies like RAE Systems, mine safety equipment, cephid, Irvine Sensors, and implant science.
ICx Technologies is such a company that has built and deployed a very sensitive manual device.
Called (predictably)
Fido, based on the technology developed for the above DARPA project.
This is a chemical organism.
Pioneered the use of intellectual property imitation at MIT. (
Full disclosure: I am co-founding Chairman and CTO of ICx and remain chairman of the Advisory Committee. )
Smart sensors can be widely distributed, not only on the security portal and baggage conveyor belt, but also on the door, ATM, bus, and even on the manhole covers or lamp poles on the streets close to the security area
These sensors can be connected to an automatic camera, linked to facial biometric software, and then linked to databases at home and abroad.
Not notable, fast, and respectful of privacy, because imaging is triggered by something you might not be supposed to carry ---
Like a bomb or radioactive waste.
Such a network is seen as a ubiquitous monitoring of air quality.
In fact, such networks may also be used solely for health and environmental monitoring.
Such sensor networks are likely to emerge in the January.
A suicide bomber broke into the CIA system in Afghanistan (
A week after the Detroit bombings failed).
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Obviously, intelligent security will drive a huge flow of information. Not a problem.
Software that manages, analyzes, and rationalize secure data traffic is very similar to civil software, and the amount of data is already staggering in our entertainment, financial and commercial networks.
This emerging market feature explains why these familiar IT vendors, from Cisco, Microsoft to EMC and IBM, are pursuing smart security.
Perhaps most importantly, like the Internet, smart networks create
Linear advantage once deployed.
Robert Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet and founder of 3Com, pioneered the concept that the value of the communication network increases with the square of the number of connected users.
The number of smart devices on the network has doubled, and its value has quadrupled.
The rise in value has prompted others to join the network, thus creating a growth cycle of value and bringing an accompanying cost reduction to users.
So will smart security.
Metal detectors are not perfect, but they make it more difficult to hide guns.
Explosive, chemical and similar tests will follow and will be more effective (
Same with old dumb metal detectors)
Within the framework of intelligent networks.
Of course, the nature of safety is different from the consumer goods market.
But people also want to be safe and pay for it. reasonably)
For it, as long as it works and is not annoying ---
Very similar to consumer goods.
In the past, technology developed for war has spawned civil and consumer goods.
In the early stages of the 21st century, consumer technology seems to turn around, introducing technology to counter the war that both the president and the former president thought, that is, as experts say, is highly asymmetrical.
Intelligent technology is the key to our advantage.
Physicist Mark Mills, who worked in President Reagan\'s White House science office, is a co-founding partner of Digital Power Capital, the energy technology risk fund, and is also a bottomless pit, a basic book. 2005).
Mills may hold positions in companies discussed in this column and may provide technical assessment services for companies interested in the company.
You can contact him at @ digitalpower. com.
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