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by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
Ganapathy\'s Butter & Ghee is the name of many families in Mylapore, RA Puram, Santhome, Adyar and Alwarpet.
One of the oldest stores in Mylapore, is currently celebrating 75 years.
Started in 1942 by small-
Time traders from Nagapattinam, then known as Ganapathy & Co, sell only butter and ghee from Uthukuli, Tiruppur district.
\"At that time, there were only a few shops in South Mada Street, including us.
There were Kapaleeswarar stores and Karpagambal stores in the past (
Two boat dealers).
The owner of the Saravana Bhavan Hotel, P Rajagopal, worked in one of the stores in his teens.
There used to be a Udipi Hotel, The. Ambika Brothers bookstore, Ethirajulu Naidu, to the merchant and the Chennakesava chatiyal terms.
Vegetable vendors only open stores in their 80 s.
From our store we can see temple tanks and Kapali temple gopuram, \"said G Sankaran, son of the store founder.
Sankaran, a student at PS high school, completed his PUC and did business with his father;
He only studied the industry by observing his father.
\"My father raised 40 cows and Buffalo at his home on Adams Street in Mylapore.
In addition to selling butter and ghee from our store, we often sell milk and tofu from home, \"recalls Sankaran,\" The demand for tofu is very large, my father even brought tofu from ukumuli.
In those days, satti vennai was sought after.
\"After Pillay\'s death in 1973, Sankaran was responsible for and brought more products to the store.
In 1975, he also changed the name of the store to Ganapathy\'s butter and ghee, and began purchasing Appalachian, podi, Varan and kimchi nearby.
Among the varieties of kimchi (over 50)
Special avaka and Vado maanga are the most popular.
Since its inception, the store has been selling two types of butter and ghee
Cook butter/ghee with milk, milk butter and ghee.
\"Just in my grandfather\'s time, we have been making ghee with butter, following the traditional craftsmanship of our home.
It takes three to four hours for our process to give it a nice scent and taste, \"said S Saravanan.
Until recently, S Balaji, his brother who has been working at Citibank, has resigned and joined his father and brother.
Balaji said, \"those days, measured in veesai (1400 grams)and palam (35 grams);
40 palams do a veesai.
My grandfather sold a butter for 5.
1960 and gh7, 50. 50.
People wrapped butter in banana leaves and bought ghee with their own utensils.
We plan to introduce traditional measurement and weighing scales, store all items in huge glass jars and pack butter in banana leaves to create a nostalgic atmosphere and
\"There is a series of Appalachian, vadams, podis (
Check out their amla and balsam pear podi)
They say all products are free of preservatives and artificial pigments.
\"We have started to purchase vaagai mara chekku oil (
Cold pressed wood)
Our hometown.
We focus on healthy food, so Xiaomibased ready-to-
\"Navin products such as navadhanya adai mix, thinai kichidi and kanji maavu can also be provided,\" Saravanan said . \".
In addition to traditional sweets in Tamil Nadu such as Tamil irasam, somas, kamarkat and thaen mittai, the brothers are working to bring in regional specialties (
Sweets and Snacks)as well —
Kovilpatti kadalmittai, Sri Lanka, tiruveli Halva (
From Iruttu Kadai)
Achu Muruku.
They obtained palm sugar and palm sugar from the honey of Udangudi, Palakkad\'s veppilakatti and Marthandam.
Currently, Chennai customers can place orders over the phone and deliver their products to their homes.
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