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by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
A judge in India has sentenced the death penalty to the sole gunman who survived the 2008 Mumbai attack, Pakistani national Mohammad ajamar Amir Casab. Judge M. L.
Tahaliyani sentenced to death for four different crimes
Murder, war, conspiracy and terrorism crimes against India.
\"He should have been hung around his neck until he died,\" he said . \".
Mohammed ajamar Amir Casab, 22, was labeled by prosecutors as a \"killing machine\" and \"cruel incarnation\", and on Monday, a year later, he was in a citylong trial.
Kasab, the only surviving gunman in the November 2008 attack that killed 166 people, was convicted of two of the most serious crimes --
Murder and war against India
He was hanged.
The nature of the deliberate attack by public prosecutor ujasial Nikam demanding the death penalty, seeing monthly Islamist militants attack hotels, train stations, restaurants and Jewish cultural centers at 60-hour siege.
The prosecution has extensive evidence against Kasab, including DNA and fingerprints, surveillance videos, photographs and hundreds of witnesses.
He\'s got a strong AK-
47 assault rifles and backpacks from Mumbai\'s main train station have become typical images of atrocities, where he and an associate killed 52 people.
Even after today\'s verdict, India still has the feeling that the devastating attack will end only if the alleged mastermind of the Pakistani attack is convicted.
The Indian government said the judgment against Kasab sent a strong message to Pakistan not to \"export terror\" outside the border \".
After the attack, New Delhi suspended peace talks with Islamabad and now hopes Pakistan will convict the founder of the pious army. e-Taiba (LeT)
The militant group Zakiur rehmanlakhvi, and the key part of zaral Shah.
President of the Islamic convention, Hafez Saeedud-
The Dawa charity is considered the front line of LeT and the third mastermind accused by India.
The Mumbai court ruled that all three were part of the plot.
Lakhvi and Shah are currently on trial in Pakistan.
\"Kasab is just a gear in the machine,\" commentator Manoj Joshi wrote in the Today Post tabloids . \".
The real machine, the religious Armye-
Thailand and Pakistan continue to flourish in Pakistan, brainwashing more young people and providing them with arms and equipment to create more chaos.
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