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With the special type of check weigher and metal detection, it can be flexibly matched with different removal methods such as stop, swing bar, air push, air blow, slide, turning plate and so on. It has compact structure and can provide a variety of different models for different material characteristics and sizes.metal detector and check weigher interface with various parameters and languages can match the choice of different countries or regions and flexible settings of parameters, so it is more convenient to operate.It combines metal detector with check weigher,setting up new industry standards, realize the last link in the internal packaging of products at the same time the weight of qualified testing and metal detection function, greatly enhance the safety and reliability of production, and effectively save production space.The set 3-segment speed can be directly fetched on the touch screen. It is suitable for most application environments. It also supports the unlimited speed regulation function of different speed requirements for special environment applications. Food-grade high-quality belt ensures the health and safety of the production line, easy to disassemble and easy to clean the mechanical structure design, the whole machine standard dust-proof design, water-proof and other design requirements for special application environment can be optional, and support the development of non-standard application customization

Application:it is widely used for,pharmaceutical,chemical,textile,clothes,toy,rubber is the first choice for HACCP of food industry and GMP of pharmaceutical industry.

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