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glamping musts for 2019

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
We are going deep into the dog day of the summer to enjoy nature outside.
I can\'t find a better grill than the Cobb I recommended last year, but this year, I\'m going to add something to my bag to make \"rough\" more interesting.
Coffee bag: I know pour-
Over is portable, but you still have to wash everything clean.
Depending on your flexibility and settings, there may be problems with balancing equipment, weighing and measuring outdoors.
A cleaner and safer solution is coffee bags from Steeped, Inc.
I promise not to be like instant coffee.
Each individual package is sealed with nitrogen to keep the coffee fresh.
Similar to tea, coffee was developed as an answer to personal coffee pods, but I like themthe-go option.
They have a mixture of light, medium, dark, ultra-dark and decaf for about $1. 50 per serving.
Canned Cold Beer: is boiling water a little too expensive for you?
Buy coffee from La Combe.
I like these because they are not too sweet-some of them are not sweet at all, and even the sugar of the sweet mixture is less than half the sugar of Starbucks normal can Frappucino.
What I like most is the cold-brewed grapefruit flavor of Nitro.
I know it sounds weird, but it\'s really good-adding a dose of vitamin C to your daily routine in the morning.
About $3 per can, but it feels good-a recent partnership with the National Park Foundation will generate at least $100,000 to support American parks.
Portable Rocking Chair: this is definitely a roll
Roys with portable camp chairs. . .
If you can.
South Korean Kijaro\'s hind legs-
It\'s specifically designed so you can rock without tipping the risk.
It has padded armrests, a nice high mesh back and a cup holder natch.
It folds down, about the size of a standard camper chair.
Like a roll, however, it is heavy.
This is not a chair if you are hiking to your destination.
But throw it in if you\'re driving.
Keep it clean: Make-
Up wipes are very convenient, especially during the trip, but it turns out that it will take 100 for each one to break down.
So, put wet wipes, towels, and even your cleanser behind, and bring Croon instead.
These reusable cleaning and exfoliating pads remove makeup with only water required
Oil, dirt and sweat from your sunkissed skin.
They are designed to be washed 200 times (
Rinse each time)
, You can throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty.
The price of two exfoliating or cleaning pads is $26.
My only wish is that this product comes with some sort of waterproof housing so you can throw it in your bag on the go and hang it up to dry.
Creation: Over the years, when I went on vacation, I brought a small set of watercolors.
But never really opened it.
I recently realized the issue-my art skills are low and while my desire to create is high, the idea of destroying this lovely set is quite stressful for me.
So I brought a mini Buddha board this year.
It allows you to \"paint\" with water and then watch it fade away slowly.
The idea is to adapt to the moment I like, but I also like to watch my mistakes disappear.
Oh, not cleaned up at the end.
$14 mini motherboard.
95, the measure is slightly 5 inch square meters, folded flat.
Slide it anywhere.
It\'s in Buddha Baird. comand Amazon.
Drink: sipping a Negroni from a single red cup does not reduce it-it is bad for cocktails and for the environment.
Instead, bring some rock glasses from the snow fox.
These glasses are made of insulated stainless steel, keeping cocktails at the right temperature while slowing down the melting of ice cubes into drinks. A thin one-
The MM edge allows you to taste gin instead of your glass.
The hotel also offers wine, beer and Martini. Plug-
In: So you can\'t leave the top TV?
If you have a blank wall
Or one side of the tent)
Mingji GV1 is for you.
Connected via Bluetooth, this portable projector is a little larger than venti coffee and displays up to 100 inch images using a three-hour rechargeable battery power supply.
$349, quite stylish, doubled the price as a speaker.
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