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eating out could be exposing diners to a higher levels of phthalates

by:Kenwei      2019-09-14
A new study in the United States found that people who often eat in restaurants, buffet restaurants or fast food restaurants --
Restaurants may be exposed to higher levels of neighboring benzene--
A set of hormones-
Destroy chemicals commonly used in food packaging that may endanger health.
Conducted by researchers at George Washington University\'s Milken School of Public Health and the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health, the study was the first to compare the levels of exposure to neighboring benzene in people who eat out and eat more at home. cooked meals.
In this study, the team asked 10,253 participants to recall what they had eaten in the last 24 hours and whether they had gone out for dinner or at home, urine samples were collected to measure the content of neighboring benzenedown products.
They found that those who often go out to eat in restaurants, fast food restaurants and cafeteria phthalate acid content is nearly 35% higher than those who eat food at home mainly at grocery stores.
Although the association between eating out and exposure to neighboring benzene Ester is important for all age groups, this association is even higher among adolescents, compared to those who only eat at home, teenagers who go out for dinner show 55% higher than usual.
The group also found that certain foods, particularly cheese burgers and sandwiches, were also related to the level of 30% + of the neighboring benzene salts in all age groups, but only if they were purchased in the form of fast food
A restaurant, Restaurant, or cafeteria.
Many daily products used in the food industry contain neighboring benzene Ester, including take-out containers, gloves used when handling food, and food --
Processing equipment.
Previous studies have shown that phthal salts can be filtered out of plastic containers or packaged into food. With two-
Researchers say the discovery that more than 30 Americans buy food outdoors every day is \"worrying \".
Senior author Ami Zota said: \"This study shows that food prepared at home is unlikely to contain high levels of neighboring benzene Ester, chemicals related to fertility issues, pregnancy complications, and other health issues
\"Our findings suggest that eating out can be an important thing.
It is recognized that the American population is exposed to the source of neighboring benzene ester.
\"Pregnant women, children and adolescents are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of hormones --
\"Destroying chemicals, so it is important to find ways to limit their exposure,\" added lead author Julia Varshavsky . \".
The team now recommends cooking more at home to reduce exposure to chemicals.
\"Preparing food at home may represent a win-win situation --
\"Win for consumers,\" added Zota . \"\"Home-
Cooked food is a great way to reduce sugar, unhealthy fat and salt.
The study suggests that it may not have as many harmful phthal salts as a restaurant meal.
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