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[Automatic grading scale] Common failures of automatic grading scales, and quick solutions for failures

by:Kenwei      2021-07-16
The automatic grading scale is a kind of weighing equipment that detects whether the product has abnormal conditions such as overweight or underweight. At the same time, it can detect whether there are missing product quantities or missing accessories in boxes, bags, bags, boxes, bottles and other packaging products. Set multiple weight levels for products, and weigh each product individually to a designated category or weight level. Generally, there is a reject section at the back to reject unqualified products. Automatic grading scales are very common in modern production lines, so what are the common faults of automatic grading scales, and how to quickly solve the problems of automatic grading scales? Let’s take a look at the common failures of automatic grading scales. ●The automatic grading scale is powered on, but the touch screen does not display. ●Why the automatic grading scale equipment is inaccurate. ●The automatic grading scale rejection device does not work. There is an error in the selected structure. ●The conveyor belt of the automatic grading scale does not run. ●The accuracy and speed of the automatic grading scale have problems. The automatic grading scale cannot be reset correctly after disassembling or checking the equipment. How to quickly solve this problem after the automatic grading scale occurs? Next, let’s take a look at the quick solutions for the failure of the automatic grading scale. ●The automatic grading scale is powered on, but the touch screen does not display 1. Check whether the power supply is normal, and see if the power switch is damaged; 2. The inside of the electric box Whether the leakage switch has tripped; 3. Check whether the switching power supply itself is damaged; 4. Check whether the 24V circuit is short-circuited and whether there is a burned fuse; 5. Whether the touch screen itself has quality problems; ● Why does the automatic grading scale device weigh Not allowed 1. Check if there are other items touching the weighing tray; 2. Whether the equipment is calibrated and can be re-calibrated; 3. Whether there is wind blowing against the equipment; 4. Compare whether static weighing is consistent with dynamic weighing, such as The inconsistency can be corrected through dynamic learning. ●The automatic grading scale sorting and rejecting device does not work. 1. First check whether the power supply is connected normally; 2. The power supply is normal, and then click the corresponding reject port in the fault detection to see if it is active; 3. If it does not work, Check whether the correct rejection port is selected in the reject port; ●The automatic grading scale weighing and sorting structure has errors 1. Check whether the parameter settings have been artificially changed; 2. Whether the workshop environment has large vibrations or large air currents; 3. Incoming materials Whether the spacing is the same as the original one; 4. Whether the weighing platform is clean and whether foreign matter is stuck; 5. Whether the weighing platform conveyor belt and the other two conveyor belts are touching; 6. Whether the screw protected by the sensor touches the edge of the weighing platform; 7. Whether the sensor is damaged or deformed by man-made heavy pressure; 8. Whether the sensor wire and motor wire are loose or pulled too tightly; 9. Whether the position of the photoelectric switch is adjusted accurately (especially when the measured object is a special-shaped part); ●Automatic classification The scale conveyor belt does not run 1. When all the conveyor belts are not running: check the power supply; 2. When one or two stages are not running: check whether the motor is driven by the motor and the driver; ● accuracy and speed The problem occurs. 1. Check whether the conveyor belt is cracked or deflected. For such problems, you can replace or adjust the conveyor belt to the normal position before testing; 2. Check the operation interface to see if the parameter setting is correct; the parameter setting problem can be based on The manual resets the value that needs to be set, and the measured product is used for 10 times to check whether the accuracy is stable; ●The automatic grading scale cannot be reset correctly after disassembly or inspection of the equipment. 1. The connectors and parts that are disassembled for inspection shall be inspected after the inspection is completed. After that, please reset it correctly; the above is what the editor of Guangdong kenweigh shared today about the common faults of automatic grading scales, and the relevant content of the quick solutions for automatic grading scales. Hope to help everyone. .
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