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airport security tightened over \'bomb fears\'

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
After the United States warned that terrorists were developing bombs that could be smuggled into planes without being found, security at British airports was strengthened.
S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he had asked officials to \"implement enhanced security measures at certain overseas airports with direct flights to the United States in the coming days \".
However, he declined to say which airports would be affected.
A statement issued by the Department of Homeland Security said: \"We are sharing the latest relevant information with our foreign allies and consulting the aviation industry.
\"These communications are an important part of our commitment to provide our security partners with situational awareness about the current environment and protecting the tourism public.
Transportation Minister Patrick McLoughlin said additional security measures are not expected to cause \"significant\" disruption to flights.
He told Sky News: \"I want to reassure the travel public that we have one of the world\'s toughest security regimes with the United States.
\"It is important that we take these measures to protect the tourism public, and when we get the information, the public is confident to take the right steps.
\"There will be additional security checks, but they will be done in the events that people have already experienced and I hope there will be no major delays.
But British aviation safety expert Philip Baum said that strengthening security checks inevitably means that the queue time and waiting time for boarding at British airports will be extended.
\"This means that the number of random searches will increase,\" he said: \"a secondary search and an increase in the number of passengers who request to take off their shoes, if passengers take certain flights, all passengers may be asked to take off their shoes. \".
\"It makes sense that if we take longer to do the inspection, people will have to take longer to queue up for boarding.
\"US officials say the security alert came after the release of intelligence reports that Yemen and Syria\'s Islamist groups had joined forces to prepare for an attack on the United States. Bomb-
AlNusra Front, an affiliate of al-Qaida in Syria and Yemen --
Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)
I believe they are working on new equipment together.
According to ABC News, they are trying to set up a
Metal bombs that can escape metal detectors
Security enhancements may therefore include a more rigorous review of US --
Bind electronics and footwear for passengers and install additional bombs
Detection machine.
An official spokesman for British Prime Minister David Cameron said: \"There are terrorist organizations around the world seeking to harm British, British citizens and citizens in many other countries, including our Western allies.
\"We need to be vigilant about what might happen.
Sky Television\'s U. S. Reporter Dominique Waghorn says U. S. Officials are also watching the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria closely. ISIS)
Worried that its success in Iraq could help it recruit jihadist fighters from Europe, they will have easier access to flights to American cities.
Thousands of foreign fighters pouring into ISIS, including about 400 people from Britain, are a serious problem, he said.
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