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a century after his birth, marshall mcluhan is ‘still ahead of us’

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
He wouldn\'t be surprised if Marshall McLuhan was still alive today --
Not the Internet, not Google, not Twitter, not WikiLeaks, not even the phone --
The hacking scandal has now changed most parts of the United States. K.
He predicted all this in general, even more.
\"Rereading him, I still have new insights,\" said Robert Logan, a former colleague of the Canadian media guru who is now called the first prophet of cyberspace.
\"This man is a genius.
If he had come back today on 100 anniversary, he would have said, \'Yes, that\'s what I expected --
People learn nothing.
They may never.
Or, perhaps during the centenary of McLuhan\'s birth, people became more and more interested and concerned about him, it may also help us understand more clearly what he is looking for, what he has created, and the dangerous digital world.
Global Village.
\"McLuhan\'s value today is to use his approach,\" said Mark Feldman, former chief strategist at the University of Toronto\'s McLuhan Center for Culture and Technology.
\"It\'s cool for him to predict the future, but we should learn from his approach.
\"These methods are not easy to summarize, and they are not easy to imitate, and there is considerable disagreement in academia about the meaning of McLuhan\'s often mysterious and even contradictory statements --
For example, \"the future of the future is the present\" or \"The effect is preferred \";
The reason, later \"-
But there is no doubt that after a long period of decline, the position and influence of this person has risen firmly again.
More important than anything in recent years, the crazy expansion of the Internet has once again made the international community interested in the Canadian communications visionary, who was born in Edmonton in 1911 and died in Toronto in 1980 at the age of 69.
He will be 100 this Thursday.
\"In North America, for a long time, he has been considered the most overvalued media master ever,\" said B . \"W.
Powe used to be a student of McLuhan and is now an English professor at the University of York.
Powe recently returned from a tour of Europe, including talks in cities such as Naples, Bologna and Barcelona on McLuhan\'s work.
\"McLuhan is still ahead of us,\" he said . \".
McLuhan\'s controversial star may now be as high as his brilliant years at the University of Toronto at 1960 and 1970, when he is busy drawing a terrain that electronically connects the world, the world was an imminent reality at the time, and it looked almost all --pervasive now.
Wired magazine recently announced McLuhan as its \"patron saint\", marking his death back to the kind of celebrity he liked when he was a cult figure in Canada 30 or 40 years ago, the United States and most parts of the world
An outstanding, learned and visionary, who speaks in a style that seems to have the same responsibility for poetry and science as the Delphi, aphorism.
The most influential publication in the world
Newsweek, Times, New York Times, etc.
Shout out his ideas and parse his motto on their page.
And then, as it is now, his words tend to mean almost anything, or, perhaps, almost everything.
\"For any deep thinker who walks in front of us, there will be as many explanations as possible, just as someone is wandering in the desert,\" Powe said . \".
\"People forget his roots in poetry, literature, the artifact of the word.
He spoke to the police with poetry, which led to an explanation. McLuhan\'s best --known book —
Understanding the media with seemingly plain titles --
It appeared in 1964 and soon a collection pipeline was born-
Professor of smoking and leather
Jacketed students in university public lounges and lecture halls around the world: Understanding (
Or misunderstood)McLuhan.
The debate is continuing.
This year, especially this month, a new generation of scholars has joined generations as McLuhan people around the world mark a century that has passed since his birth.
They are having discussions, listening to lectures, attending multimedia presentations, and generally reconsider the theory of people known for their proposal --
Besides that,
The media is information, the content is us.
Born in the middle
McLuhan was educated in Canada and later studied at the University of Cambridge, England.
He returned to North America in 1936.
Ten years later, he was in St.
Michael College, a Catholic enclave of the University of Toronto.
By then he was married.
Colin Lewis from Texas
Converted to Roman Catholic.
The couple will eventually have six children.
\"He is a mysterious Catholic humanitarian,\" Powe said . \".
\"He is not an optimist, but a man of hope.
He is also destined to be the subject of misconceptions.
With the growing reputation and influence of McLuhan, the public generally believes that he is a champion of the phenomenon he studies --
For example, as an advocate of the digital revolution, or a loyal citizen of the global village, or any enthusiastic supporter of the media that can become their own information. It wasn’t so.
McLuhan rarely advocates anything, if any.
\"He is not a champion of technology, nor an opponent of technology,\" Logan said . \"
\"He is neither a technology enthusiast nor a Ludder.
All he wants to do is make people aware of the two sides of the coin.
McLuhan himself went further.
He once said in a television interview: \"I firmly oppose all innovations and all changes. (Was he serious?
Or just kidding? )
\"Anything I talk about is almost certainly something I firmly oppose.
As for his prediction of an emerging global village of electronic connections
Many people think this is a land of online music, an idyllic virtual oasis --
McLuhan does not imagine that the digital destination of our species must be pleasant or even tolerable.
\"The global village is immediately as wide as the Earth, as small as a small town, and everyone is maliciously involved in the business of others,\" he once said . \".
With these words, McLuhan effectively predicted the relentless call
Earlier this month, British tabloids were shut down by media giant Rupert Murdoch, and further consequences are no doubt pending. Some oasis.
One of McLuhan\'s most famous insights
\"Media is information\" or \"massage\" because the concept is sometimes presented --
It is also often misunderstood or not understood at all.
\"Most people don\'t understand,\" Feldman said . \".
Although this idea is undoubtedly profound, it is not difficult to understand in fact.
For example, the first passenger plane is definitely important, but not because it happens to carry a specific individual on any given flight.
This is important because it heralds the appearance of the passenger plane. a new medium.
Before you know it, yes-
A movie that often rides an Airport Limousine
Flyer cards, jet lag, 9/11, metal detectors, war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, etc.
In other words, it is the medium that constitutes the information, not the goods.
Since the invention of the Telegraph by Samuel Morse, the same has been true of mobile phones, the internet and various forms of electronic communication.
This seems almost obvious now, but more than 40 years ago this insight was like lightning when McLuhan thought of the idea.
\"He realized that electronic communication was the second creation,\" Powe said . \".
\"Electronic Technology fundamentally changes the functioning of the brain.
In Powe\'s words, McLuhan may have \"incredible prophetic ability\", but he is also a performer, a person who likes to show the public the design of riddles and games, this is perhaps the core of his genius.
\"He often plays,\" Logan said . \".
\"Playing is a serious concept for him.
Although McLuhan is very clever, he is rarely arrogant and arrogant.
\"He is generous, witty and charming,\" Powe said . \".
\"He always starts class with serious laughter.
Each lesson begins with a joke.
Some are pretty good.
In his 60 s he suffered a stroke and severe brain damage.
Although he was still alert, he could not speak.
It is a cruel blow to a person who lives by words.
\"He worked hard for a year,\" Logan said . \".
\"We walked in the park.
I will share my thoughts with him, but he can\'t say anything.
He knew he would never resume his speech.
Beethoven was deaf and McLuhan was dumb.
On the last day of December 1980, Herbert Marshall McLuhan took his last breath, leaving a great legacy of thought --
There are also contradictions.
Surprisingly, the first prophet of cyberspace is of little use in the brightest gadgets of the post-modern era.
\"His TV is in the basement,\" Feldman said . \"
\"He did not drive.
He avoided technology.
However, like his previous Darwin or Einstein, he reshaped our world.
McLuhan\'s words of wisdom convey such a message.
Massage is the medium.
The effect is the first;
Reason, later.
I can\'t bear to see anything I write.
My statement is an investigation.
Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without identity.
Art is anything you can escape.
Poverty is caused by wealth.
Tomorrow is our permanent address.
The problem with cheap professional education is that you will never stop paying for it.
We shape our tools, and then our tools shape us.
I wouldn\'t see it if I didn\'t believe it.
I think the most important thing about art is that it\'s an open line, a distant early warning system that can always be used to tell the old culture what\'s going on with it.
There are no passengers on the Earth spacecraft.
Crew of all
People who try to distinguish between education and entertainment also don\'t know the first thing.
Advertising is the cave art of the 20th century.
All media invest in our lives with artificial ideas and arbitrary values.
The McLuhan Heritage Network will host a series of media installations, panel discussions and other events --
A program with an appropriately elusive title that connects visible to invisible.
For more information, visit www. mcluhan. net/festival-2011. The week-
Monday, July 18-Sunday, July 24 are long festivals.
This project is just part of a bigger year.
The long feast of everything McLuhan
Esque, sponsored by the public and private institution alliance McLuhan100, includes the City of Toronto, the University of Toronto School of Information, the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, and Mozilla.
For more information, please visit www. mcluhan100. ca.
For Marshall McLuhan to present a fascinating video brief in his own words (
With those in America. S.
Novelist Tom Wolf
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