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cannes film festival 2017: marion cotillard dazzles on the red carpet with bella hadid and lily-rose depp at the opening ceremony

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
Movie stars Jessica Chastan and Marion Cotila joined model Bella Hardy and Lily --
Rose Depp dazzled the star\'s red carpet
The Cannes film festival opens.
On Wednesday, under the sunny blue coast sky, the 70th anniversary celebration was launched in the usual dazzling way.
Tacos in black lace
Up dress also joined co-
Star Charlotte gansburg celebrates the screening of their new film, The Ghost of Ismail, at the Lumiere Grand Theatre.
Miss Sloan\'s actress, Chastan, joined other actors Will Smith, agens Javi and Fan Bingbing in the official selection this year.
Both Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski are wearing sparkling floors
They pose for the long dress they wear during the event. While Lily-
Ross Depp looks beautiful in Greece.
White dress.
Although there are not many big tickets in Hollywood at this year\'s film festival
Some of the world\'s most acclaimed original directors will be screened out for the long-awaited new products.
Armed police even joined the fashion police on the red carpet, when guests passed through metal detectors and security cordon controlled by police officers with bullets --
Before arriving on the red carpet, the vest with machine gun-
There, they were bound by the festival\'s famous strict dress code.
The rules, including men\'s black ties and black shoes, are strictly enforced.
It is reported that some people attending the festival were rejected for crimes, including not wearing dark suits or socks too short.
Two years ago, a group of women were refused to attend the premiere of Todd Haines\'s film Carol because they didn\'t wear high heels, while director award f Kapadia\'s wife --
The award-winning documentary Amy was also suspended for wearing flat shoes.
Last year, Julia Roberts took her heels off after passing security and walked barefoot on the red carpet, resisting the decree.
Hynes\'s Carol and my absence will make their debut in surprise, which links him to actress Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams.
After his success in his 2015 film, lobster, Yorgos Lanthimos returned to the film festival with his second English film, the holy deer, which was produced by Nicole Kidman and
Smith, who had not seen a film in Cannes before, dressed in neat clothes and posed cheerfully at the festival --
Screaming \"will! Will!
\"West Philadelphia is still a long way from Cannes,\" joked a passionate Smith, referring to his hometown.
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