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body scanners and explosives: tsa starts academy for screeners

by:Kenwei      2019-08-27
On a cold afternoon in south Georgia, more than 100 traffic safety management trainers crowded on the metal bleachers overlooking a field.
They are watching an explosive coach show what happens if they are not doing well.
\"OK, limit the non-smoking powder to three, two and one. \"BOOM! The trainees (
An Observer reporter)
Jumped, startled by the explosion of about 100 yards in front of them.
More explosions followed, with different explosives.
What are the lessons of these new employees?
The consequences of the mistake are fatal.
This is the TSA College just established last month.
It is part of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, a large former air force base in Greenko, Georgia.
There are 96 federal agencies training here.
Most of TSA\'s training was conducted in the classroom, where the newly hired transport safety officer (TSOs) spent two weeks learning how to identify different things that bad guys might try to sneak into the plane, such as dangerous explosive firearms like everyday items, such as eyeliner or toothpaste.
There is also a completescale mock-
A typical airport security checkpoint with body scanners, metal detectors and X-
Ray machines, where trainees are trained, sometimes try to explain the images of objects in the bags that pass through.
It illustrates the difficulties of TSOs in the real world.
On last June, it was reported that 67 out of 70 checkpoints were smuggled simulated explosives and weapons by government auditors, which was very clear.
Shortly thereafter, Peter Neffenger became a TSA administrator and had a long career in the United States. S. Coast Guard.
He described failure as a wake-up.
TSA\'s phone.
\"I think this is a shift for us,\" Neffenger said . \".
\"This allows us to really look at the systemic problems in the organization that may lead to this failure at checkpoints.
\"Officials are more concerned about keeping the line open at the checkpoint than about a thorough inspection of passengers and luggage.
The TSA academy aims to take these locations home and instill a professional spirit in TSA officials.
Neffenger is passionate about the opportunities offered by the college. \"They do real-Scene-World
Basic training here, stay in the classroom for a while [and]
Come out to the lab.
For me, it is very exciting to connect them with people who carry out tasks across the country, and this is an opportunity we have never had before.
\"Sean Zhou Freeman, a lecturer at TSA College, said today\'s training was very different from when she joined the agency in 2004, shortly after the establishment.
\"When I joined, there was a laptop in the hotel room. . .
And then did a lot of work training.
That\'s what I learned.
\"Zhou Freeman brings a very private first-hand experience to the classroom.
On 1982, she was a Pan Am flight attendant when a bomb was placed under passenger seats and exploded on her plane on her way from Japan to Honolulu, killing
That experience brought her first to TSA and guided her on her work today.
She said: \"I always take it home to my students because I said if needed --
Another 16 seconds, give it a little pressure, look at it again, check it out, find someone, just one-
It can save [a]life.
\"This is the key lesson TSA wants its officials to learn at the academy, that is, the risk is very high.
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