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5 famous movie villains with shockingly stupid master plans

by:Kenwei      2019-08-22
Every film villain seems to be in tune. -
A clever plan, a cunning mind, a desire to solve the problem by killing them.
Why, if not for the indomitable will of our heroes, they will surely escape the punishment of replacing all the garden hoses in the world with snakes.
But sometimes, you will find the moment in your favorite movie that allows you to reconsider this assumption.
You think that the evil mastermind failed in the struggle with the good power, and suddenly it looked more like a patient with a head injury who strolled through the ward and was beaten to his cheekbones by a jerk.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Queen has chosen all the queens who want to be the most beautiful poison in the world and are willing to crush anyone who is holding her back from being sexy.
When she learned that Snow White looked beautiful these days, the Queen immediately tried to murder the girl, showing the cruel length she was willing to go.
In other words, if she is still alive today, the Queen will almost certainly have her own show in Bravo.
After the Queen\'s first plan-
Let a random guy murder an innocent girl. -
Somehow she decided to give it to herself.
She created a poisonous apple that put Snow White in a coma until she was awakened by the \"first kiss of love.
\"The Queen thinks Snow White is dead, so the short people will bury her alive to make sure no one will kiss her.
Personally, we don\'t rule out a tendency to die, but we think that\'s why we don\'t write for Disney.
So why did the Queen choose the worst way to remove snow white, except to feed her regular apples until she became too fat to compete in high apples --
Apparently the beauty pageant that rules this field?
We know that the Queen uses magic poison in the movie, and maybe these side effects and qualifiers will be listed on fine prints of a particular mixture.
Hey, you know what magic poison is, but there are no these holes? .
Also, if Snow White\'s \"eternal sleep\" keeps her beautiful, how will that solve the Queen\'s problem?
Snow White took all her boyfriends away. The Queen was not angry. She was very angry with Snow White.
It\'s like if you murder someone that you can\'t stand and then embalmed them and prop them up so they can see it in your bathroom mirror. 4 RoboCop (2014)-
Two random, powerless mobs were sent to more or less kill RoboCopThe 2014 remake, adapted from the storyline of the original movie.
If you are not familiar with the story of the original, please leave our website because you are not clean.
All you need to know is that the evil merchant Dick Jones is replaced by the evil merchant Raymond Selas, and the evil corporate mercenary Clarence bodedick is replaced by the evil corporate mercenary Mattox, the awesome robot Warmen were replaced by a bad robot Warmen.
After RoboCop did not obey the order and gave up his own police chief for corruption, Mattox closed him remotely and sent him back to the OmniCorp lab.
Selas decided that he could make more money by pretending that the robot police had fallen down on the mission, so he ordered Matos to kill him.
Matos told two low.
Because it is clear that OmniCorp\'s working environment is not big for personal responsibility.
We see how low it is.
When these chumps show up in the lab and find out they don\'t have a security clearance to go through the door, they upgrade.
Scientists at the lab re-activated RoboCop, who immediately disempowered two unlucky guards and started building a piece of damage through OmniCorp\'s headquarters, before finally shooting at Sellars.
Once again, an evil merchant was defeated by his only weakness, violence.
We don\'t blame Mattox for letting others do his job. -
We asked the interns to feed us grapes while they were listening to the article, so we couldn\'t judge.
But he needs to send it.
The damn doorman may have a better security check than those idiots.
When you remember that the first scene of the film showed us that OmniCorp had the ability to designate anyone as RoboCop\'s show not to allow his \"red asset\", it was even more confusing to shoot.
This means that those sent to kill RoboCop are inexplicably designated as invincible to RoboCop.
Who can control who becomes a red asset?
No one else except Mattox, as he showed when he finally faced the robot police.
RoboCop\'s friend blocked Mattox, and RoboCop later managed to go beyond his programming and kill Sellars for some power of love.
But none of this would have happened if they hadn\'t sent at least both --
A qualified mob that has historically stopped robot killing machines.
Maybe they have a bad performance and OmniCorp just has a very positive termination policy.
Part two of the Godfather-
Michael sent the climax of the suicide mission throughout the trilogy, and members of the Corleone family were the perfect murder professional.
They always act cautiously, minimize any possible contact with their families when killing people, and send the right people to work.
The film shows us over and over again that there are countless young thugs in colerness who are eager to prove themselves, so they know that important people don\'t have to put themselves in danger. . . . . .
Except for one murder, when all involved decided to launch the worst plan for no reason.
Compared to some of the more complex murders in the franchise, Michael\'s blow to the treacherous Hyman Ross was almost disappointing.
A guy just got to the big pound-
Escort rose at the airport and shoot him.
It was a suicide mission, and the assassin treated him the same way before he was turned into a catalogue of human bullets by the police.
To be fair, the film did explain why the plan was so stupid and suicidal: It was the only shot they had during Ross\'s plane landing and during his highly secure detention by the police.
However, this does not explain why they decided to send Roko Lampone to attend. simple-an-armed-monkey-could-do-it hit.
If for some reason you don\'t keep the whole Corleone family in memory, here\'s a handy chart: You\'ll notice that Roko is a tall
Two of those ranked caporegime and ranked the same or higher are not credible and the third is phasing out.
In essence, Michael puts his most valuable right
An obvious suicide mission, any of his sacrifice soldiers can be done easily.
Just like Obama sent Joe Biden to death row to kill bin Laden.
Of course, he might have done it. -
Joe had a lot of crazy stuff in his eyes saying \"murder is my old friend \"---
But you have to explain to Congress why the vice president died driving a burning dump truck through bin Laden\'s compound when the SEAL Team Six sat around playing dominoes. 2 Equilibrium -
No one fought for Gansing, the Fascist government under the rule of all.
The powerful \"father\" forces citizens to take emotion-
Drug suppression.
Anyone who doesn\'t do this will be met by the government\'s trained killer, the Grammy priest, who is almost
Superman\'s \"gun Cata\" ability to murder \"feel criminals\" and then burn any books or art they hide.
It is basically disguised as the kind of audience who spell \"Fahrenheit\" by voice.
John Preston of Christian Bell
Senior clergy, as well as the legendary figure of his gun in the governmentWaving skills.
But after he had to kill his partner because he felt offended, he stopped taking the medicine and secretly joined the resistance movement.
They made a plan: Preston will betray their leader, which will allow him to meet with the elusive father, who will then kill him.
The brilliant plan went smoothly somehow, and Preston was given the audience of his father.
He was told to give up his ceremonial sword, which he did. . . . . .
At this point, the father revealed that the whole thing was a trap that involved Preston and the resistance movement.
How smart, how sinister-
How can you compete with this evil thought? !
Preston had no choice but to pull out his gun, including his father, because none of them escorted him, and the clergy who later ambushed him thought he would search for the gun while he handed over his sword.
And he\'s not invisible.
In the next scene, Preston brought not only two guns, but also two arms --
The length of the metal holster and four bulky cartridge, which means the most basic pat-
Even metal detectors will stop him.
Preston will not be allowed to enter the town hall for such a parking ticket race, but somehow he gets the audience of the supreme ruler, remember.
So the bad guy was knocked down by a ridiculous car.
The two sides exchanged fire to overthrow the evil empire and liberate the society.
All of this can be avoided without feelings, logic, ruthless clergy wanting to ask the Kata gun specialist if he has a gun on him.
1 Terminator
Skynet draws John Connor to a Terminator factory, after years of throwing a killing robot directly at John Connor, Skynet attacks him with a Terminator, and the genocide Skynet presents a secret
It sent a Terminator who thought it was human to lure Connor into The Terminator factory.
The plan worked so well that Conor came to the center of Skynet territory alone and cut ties with his allies.
Skynet then performs the last brilliant step in its overall plan: sending an unarmed Terminator to kill Connor. Wait, what?
Connor sent the Terminator because of course he will.
He\'s been ending his life as an adult.
His technology.
Keep in mind that this movie is entirely happening in the future, so there is no \"only one robot can be sent back\" time travel etiquette.
Skynet has no reason to kill Connor without burying him in a robot.
We even saw another Terminator in the same scene who was intent on murdering Lieutenant Chekov and a little girl, not the most important target of the whole war.
But why should Skynet bait? and-
Switch when it finds a Terminator next to John earlier in the movie?
Remember, John just went to the factory on the advice of a Terminator who thought it was human.
If Skynet can make a Terminator pass for a trusted person, why not kill a John when it\'s close enough?
If the only reason you think it\'s so close for the first time is because it doesn\'t have a positive intention to kill Connor, of course. That\'s a point.
So put a Terminator next to Connor, let the killer \"your mom\" joke, put a bomb on its chest, let it trigger on the highfives.
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