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x-rated x-rays? airports test scanners that see all

by:Kenwei      2019-08-30
Blushing, you\'re stealing. -naked.
A controversial new technology that will soon come to Pearson International Airport can see through the clothes of airline passengers-revealing the contours of everything from concealed weapons to piercings, and even breasts and genitals.
New Cut
The edge scanner has been successfully tested at Kelowna International Airport in B. C.
For six months, it had no idea when it would be installed at a busy airport for trials, including in Pearson. \"Ninety-
There are five % of people who have tried (in Kelowna)
\"I prefer it,\" said Guylaine LeCouteur, a spokesman for the Canadian air transport safety agency on Tuesday . \".
\"No one touched them. It\'s simpler.
\"A report on the Kelowna trial was submitted by the federal Privacy Commissioner and the Canadian Department of Transport.
Devices will be checked from both privacy and efficiency, she said.
The scanner works like this: it is a secondary screening device used by a person after he detonated a metal detector.
Passengers can choose between the machine and patdown.
If it is a body scanner, the passenger will raise his arm and stand inside the entrance.
Then a security guard in a nearby room saw a black one --and-
White image, and look for shadow objects on the screen that are different from the main body.
The process takes about 30 seconds.
Janelle Turpin, spokesman for Kelowna Airport, said: \"If there is something in the pocket, the person who is showing the image will convey it to the security guards outside,\" from June to January, it was tried there.
Security personnel evaluating images for privacy purposes are in a separate, windowless room.
Black scanner-and-
The white outline of the body without any notable features, and the face cannot be identified, so no one can be identified.
Turping went through a complete
The body machine itself prefers it.
\"It makes me very uncomfortable.
\"In Kelowna, the scan is voluntary, but\" many people actually want to go through the scan, \"she said . \".
\"They don\'t think it\'s a big deal.
Created by the Rapiscan System in Torrance, California.
The $200,000 machine has been installed in 19 U. S. S.
As a replacement for metal detectors, airports are the main screening equipment.
S. Airports using the device include Rochester Airport in New York, Cleveland Airport in Ohio, and George Bush International Airport in Houston.
Airports in Amsterdam, Melbourne and Moscow are also in use.
The scanner uses a band between the microwave and the infrared-the Hertz radiation. The so-called \"T-
Light carries much less energy than X-rays.
Light, which means that while they can penetrate a layer of clothing, they can\'t penetrate materials such as water and metal.
This also makes them more than X-rays.
According to Barrett, 20,000 T-
Ray scanning is equal to a medical X-ray.
Sarah Barrett said that at Manchester airport in the UK, the full-body imaging scanner appeared on Monday, and the scan was voluntary, aiming to make Manchester the airport of choice for travelers, head of customer experience at the UK airport.
\"Frequent flyers are also very smooth.
\"They can put their jackets and belts in their pockets and put their money in their pockets,\" Barrett said . \" Images are not pornographic or pornographic, he added.
However, the images do outline the breasts and genitals, which have caused debate between the European Commission Parliament and the United States. S. lawmakers. U. S.
Jason chaffizi represents a bill banning full entry
The body screen as the main safety device passed through the United StatesS.
Congress voted in the Senate on June.
\"No one needs to see my wife and children naked to make sure the plane is safe,\" Utah congressman declared at the top of his website . \".
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