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woman who dropped her underwear at jail sues state

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
A woman claimed that she was told to take off her jeans and accidentally took off her underwear while being inspected for safety at Castlerea prison, and she sued the state in the high court for damages.
Nataliya Matviyenko claimed that she was told to take off her jeans because they had something called decorative metal buttons or rivets on them, and when visiting her husband at Co Roscommon prison, A prison official passed through a metal detector.
Due to the events of May 6, 2009, she sued the governor of Castlerea prison, the Irish prison authority and the Minister of Justice for damages for alleged negligence and dereliction of duty.
She also sought to declare that her constitutional rights were violated. googletag. {});
Before Judge Paul Gilligan MS Matviyenko, more of this was found in the proceedings, a Russian-speaking Ukrainian who is now an Irish citizen, who told the High Court, she felt \"humiliated\" and \"embarrassed\" and felt the result of the \"someone poured a bucket on my head\" incident.
The claim was rejected.
In her defense, the state party stated that she had never been asked to take her pants off during the screening process in prison, and that prison officials had treated her appropriately and professionally.
In her actions, Matviyenko, the mother of the two children, MS spoke at Leas na Coille in Ballybane, Galway, claiming that she had gone to prison to visit her current husband, he was jailed for drunk driving in 2009.
She had to give him a legal document.
She has to go through a security procedure similar to airport security.
She said that, as instructed, she placed some coats in the tray that would pass through X-ray machine.
Before she passed the metal detector, she showed the prison officials the metal nails or buttons on the jeans.
The police officer asked her to take them off, she said.
She believed it meant taking off her pants and she agreed.
Her pants fell to her knees and her knees pulled down her underwear, exposing her for a while. googletag. {});
She claimed that prison officials then shouted, \"What are you doing, are you crazy ? \" She pulled up her clothes immediately.
She said she was humiliated by her own experience because of the presence of others.
She claimed she was not allowed to visit her husband that day, and a prison official told her, \"We can\'t let you strip \".
Her alleged police officer told her to take off her jeans, and prison officer Ciaran Croghan said in evidence that she had never been asked to take off her pants.
He said she dropped her pants just after he asked her to take off her shoes before going through the metal detector.
He said he was \"shocked\" by her actions and immediately called his superior officer.
He said he told his superiors what happened.
Officer Crohan didn\'t know why she dropped her pants.
When his boss arrived at the screening area and asked her why she took off her pants, he said she replied \"sorry \".
Under the cross-examination of Mr. McGovern, he denied that he or other prison officials had mocked her and that he had asked her to take her pants off. googletag. {});
The case continues.
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