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woman who claimed she was told to take off jeans at castlerea prison loses damages action

by:Kenwei      2019-09-02
A woman claimed that she was told to take off her jeans when she was on a security check at Castlerea prison and accidentally dropped her underwear, exposing her for a while, she has lost her damages lawsuit against the state.
Russian-speaking Ukrainian Nataliya Matviyenko claims that a prison official told her to take off her jeans because they have decorative metal buttons or rivets on them and then go through a metal detector while visiting her husband in prison.
Today, the judge, Mr. Paul Gilligan, said he accepted Matviyenko\'s request to MS \"truly believe\" that she was asked to take her pants off, and that, in fact, the prison officials wanted her to take her shoes off.
The judge said that he could not accept that the state had violated her duty of care, because it was not reasonably foreseeable that she would respond in the manner she did so.
In this case, the judge dismissed her case.
She sued the governor of Castlerea prison, the Irish prison authority and the Minister of Justice for compensation for the alleged negligence and breach of duty resulting from the incident that occurred on May 6, 2009.
The claim was rejected.
The state argued that she had never been asked to take her pants off during the screening process at the prison.
MS Matviyenko, an Irish citizen, said she felt \"humiliated\", \"embarrassed\" because of this and liked \"someone poured a bucket of dirt on my headThe 39-year-
The old mother of two children of Galway Ballybane Leas na Coille claimed that she went to prison to visit her partner and is now her husband and gave him a law
He was jailed for drunk driving.
She has to go through a security procedure similar to a security check at the airport.
She said that she put some coats in the tray, as instructed, through x-ray machine.
Before she passed the metal detector, she said she showed prison officials metal nails or buttons on jeans.
She claimed that the police officer told her to take her pants off and she thought it meant taking them off and she agreed.
She claims that she dropped her pants on her knees and that the process accidentally pulled down her underwear and exposed her for a while.
The claim was rejected.
In evidence, prison officer Ciaran Croghan said there was never a request for Matviyenko to take off her pants MS.
He said that he asked Matviyenko to MS her coat, including a belt, jacket and shoes, to be placed on a tray, by x-ray machine.
He said she told him it was \"stupid\" to ask for her and she should not do so.
He said he told her it was standard procedure and she was not \"picked out separately \".
He said Matviyenko MS that she had metal nails or buttons on her jeans, which could have caused an explosion of metal detectors, which he told her was not a problem.
He said that Matviyenko had dropped her pants MS after she asked to take off her shoes.
He was \"shocked.
James Kelly, his senior officer, was called to the scene.
When he asked her why she took off her pants, he told the court that she replied that she was \"sorry\" and that she \"shouldn\'t have done that \".
In his ruling, the judge watched the video evidence of the incident, accepting that she was \"a sincere person,\" on the day she was asked to take off her jeans while passing the security check process, she has a \"true belief \".
The judge added that he did not accept that she had taken off her jeans in order to \"insult officer Crohan or anyone else.
On the day of the discussion, she took a lift from someone who was waiting outside and was anxious to return to Galway to the prison.
The judge said she also had to give her husband an important document.
However, the judge said that the level of English at Matviyanko\'s MS is limited, which is \"reasonably foreseeable\" and I would have explained the instructions of the prison officials, meaning she has to take off her pants before going through the metal detector.
Related to the cost of the two.
In the same day\'s lawsuit, the judge questioned that the matter might be resolved sooner than it was.
After comments from Conor Electric, which appeared with Alex Caffrey Bl by the judge, the state said it did not ask Matviyenko for the fee MS.
The judge did not order the payment.
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