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with no way to weigh goods, buyers tricked at grain market | chandigarh news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-08-20
Chandigarh: be careful to be deceived by sellers in the 26 zone grain market, as they may charge you more without any way to measure the item purchased.
The electronic weighing scale provided by UT administration two years ago for the convenience of buyers is no one in the market.
After investigating the matter, TOI learned that the weighing scale had been deactivated and had to be repaired.
Nazuk Kumar, SDM-
Cumadministrator of the grain market Board said I don\'t know any of these concepts.
If this is an early practice that has stopped now, I will check it to start again.
Instructions will also be issued to the UT weight and measurement department to carry out inspections of weighing scales and weights used to sell products in the food market.
As part of the reality check, I purchased 1 kg tomatoes from the market, and later when weighing outside, I found that the weight was reduced by 150 grams.
While tracking the various customers who purchased from the market, they complained that the owner had cheated them in the past to ensure that the weight of the goods sold during the transaction was reduced.
Speaking with TOI, Ramesh and Kanta Kapur said that we often buy vegetables from this market and sellers have the habit of cheating us.
Earlier, the market Commission had set up an electronic weighing apparatus to cross
Check the weight, but it hasn\'t appeared since the last few years.
Vegetable sellers who often cheat customers actually tamper with weighing scales and weighing scales.
Neither did they regularly calibrate the scale, nor did they stamp it from the weight and measurement department every year.
Weighing scales are mechanically tampered with to ensure that the weight of the goods increases over the actual weight when placed on the scales.
If the scale is electronic, then the supplier will get the changed settings from the expert, who shows 850 grams or 900 grams of products per kilogram.
Secondly, drill out the mechanical weight from the back and remove about 100g to 150g of extra metal, so that goods weighing 1 kg on the scale will automatically be reduced by 150g.
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