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why you never want the code 'ssss' printed on your boarding pass

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07

Once you arrive at the airport, you want to leave it and continue your holiday, especially during the upcoming holidays, if you are facing a long line at the airport.  Travelers who find the code "sss" on the boarding pass may want to arrive at the terminal in advance, as this can lead to security delays. 

If you have difficulty printing your pass at home, then you may have terrible code. If you do, then you will not be able to print the pass on the automated machine and must be helped when checkingin desk. 

SSSS represents the \"secondary safety screening selection\", which is used by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA),  reported. 

It is reported that while there is no official explanation as to why you were chosen, there may be several reasons. 

It is frustrating that it is sometimes random. But last- A minute flight could be one of the reasons, just like taking an international flight --way fare. 

If you have already paid for your flight in cash, it may also mean that you are eligible now, just like traveling from a place classified as "high "risk country. "If you are on the watch list, you can definitely expect it to appear on your pass. If you are unable to print the pass, you may want to arrive at the airport earlier than planned. The code may add 30 minutes to your security process. 

First of all, you will be taken to your own safety line, where you will go through all possible safety checks, including two passes through metal detectors and body scanners, and get a full body shotdown. 

Then the security guard will carry the rifle with you-Wipe each item on the bag for explosive residue. A form will eventually be filled out and a boarding pass will be stamped to finally allow you to board the plane. 

Let's hope your boarding pass doesn't have a nasty code or it doesn\'t affect your travel plans.                                

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